Former County Commissioner Calls Out Commissioner Bryan Desloge for Trump Support

Former County Commissioner Calls Out Commissioner Bryan Desloge for Trump Support

In what former County Commissioner Cliff Thaell labeled “An Open Letter to County Commissioner Brian (sic) Desloge” posted on Facebook, Thaell asked Desloge to reverse his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The full letter is included at the end of the article.

Desloge recently revealed his support for Trump in an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat by saying that the candidate’s business background resonates with him and he would have a “hard time” voting for Hillary Clinton.

Desloge is the only Republican on the city and county commissions.

Thaell began the letter by lauding Desloge’s “leadership on many important issues in our community” and noting that Desloge’s “position of NAcO President carries with it a daunting responsibility.”

Desloge was recently elected as President of the National Association of Counties (NAcO).

Thaell wrote “I was surprised and disappointed by your recent endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States and encourage you to reconsider your position.”

Thaell ended with:

I write to you today, Brian(sic), in hopes that you will reconsider your statement of support for Donald Trump’s candidacy made during the Republican Convention in July. You must have hoped, and felt, as Sen. Collins did that a post-convention candidate Trump would somehow find a more “Presidential” voice. He has not.

In that spirit, I beseech you to declare that you will not support or vote for Donald Trump in November’s election for President of the United States. Such an action, in my opinion, will only serve to enhance your already substantial reputation as a leader in our community, state and nation.

Desloge, in a conversation with TR, took exception with Thaell’s use of the word endorsement. “I have not endorsed Donald Trump. I told a reporter I planned to vote for Trump, the Republican party nominee. If my plans do change, one thing is for sure, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton.”

An Open Letter to County Commissioner Brian (sic) Desloge

Dear Brian,
First, I want to congratulate you on ascending to the post of Your success is a reflection upon all of Leon County.

We are proud of your success. You now hold a post of national significance and have a forum to speak out on matters that impact every American. The position of NAcO President carries with it a daunting responsibility.

Your and especially your focus on the need for more civility in politics has been a cornerstone of your career. Although you and I are members of different parties, I have always admired your moderate views and ability to work across the aisle to accomplish important things for our citizens.

In that light, Brian, I was surprised and disappointed by your recent endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States and encourage you to reconsider your position.

In an OpEd written by Maine’s senior U.S. Senator Susan Collins and published by the Washington Post yesterday, the acknowledged leader of the forces of moderation in the United States Senate declared her decision not to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential Election. Significant numbers of Republican office holders are following suit and refusing to endorse or vote for Donald Trump.

Cliff Thael
Former County Commissioner Cliff Thaell

Among the reasons that stood out for Senator Collins’ decision were Trump’s cruel mimicking of a disabled reporter, his horrific attacks on the “Gold Star” Muslim family of a Marine killed in action in Iraq, and his assertion in the Federal lawsuit against “Trump University” that Judge Gonzalo Curiel was unsuited to sit in judgement because of his Mexican Heritage. There were many more reasons for her decision listed in her column.

Brian, I believe you are as troubled as I about the prospects of a Trump Presidency. Donald Trump has repeatedly shown through his own words and actions in this long campaign season that he is temperamentally unfit for the highest office in our land. His irrational statements praising Vladimir Putin and his reckless assertions about Russia’s right to “annex” neighboring countries is a clear and present danger to the safety of American citizens and world security. His general lack of a fundamental knowledge of world affairs is shocking even more so because he so cavalierly escapes criticism when caught in a misnomer or worse by claiming “oh, I knew that”.

I write to you today, Brian, in hopes that you will reconsider your statement of support for Donald Trump’s candidacy made during the Republican Convention in July. You must have hoped, and felt, as Sen. Collins did that a post-convention candidate Trump would somehow find a more “Presidential” voice. He has not.

In that spirit, I beseech you to declare that you will not support or vote for Donald Trump in November’s election for President of the United States. Such an action, in my opinion, will only serve to enhance your already substantial reputation as a leader in our community, state and nation.

I am choosing to share my letter to you in hopes that you will share your decision with the community at large. With true regard for your continued success,

Cliff Thaell

23 Responses to "Former County Commissioner Calls Out Commissioner Bryan Desloge for Trump Support"

  1. Ken Thomas   August 9, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Cliff….we are all sorely disappointed that you have decided to support the “Queen of Corruption.” However, we won’t ask you to reconsider.

  2. Bill Carlton   August 9, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Is Thaell planning on running against Desloge or something? Since when is his opinion important?

  3. Bryan Scott   August 9, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I am sick of the left’s attacks on, not only the candidates, but all their supporters as well. I am also sick of the lies by the left-wing media, and repeated by Dems. Trump DID NOT make fun of the reporter’s disabilitiy. He made fun of his being caught without an answer. I do the exact same thing that he did when I catch someone in a lie without an answer all the time, and they don’t have a disability. Again, he was not against the judge for his Mexican heritage per se’, but his involvement in La Rasa, a group that opposes Trump. And there was no “horrific attack” on the Gold Star family. The Clinton campaign used them to attack HIM, with a false narrative about his Muslim ban. And to say that Trump has not sacrificed anything, implying he has no say, goes against the very Constitution Khan held up at the DNC. By the same token, what has Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama sacrificed? Yet they say which refugees get in. And they have chosen Muslim refugees over Christians. But what about THEIR candidate? Hillary Clinton has enriched herself by her position as Sec. of State, trading favors to corporations and foreign governments for donations to the Clinton Foundation, which is just their slush fund, and extravigant speaking fees, which doubled in amount when she became Sec. of State, for herself and her husband. She also put our country and its operatives at risk through the use of her unsecure private server which she used to email from foreign countries, which were undoubtedly intercepted, and the server itself was hacked because recipients of her emails were hacked, leaving a trail directly back to her server. The only reason there is no evidince it was hacked is because the server is so old that hackers would not leave any traces. But then she lied about it to the American people and now she is lying about the lies. She also lied about the Benghazi attack being about a video. So, will Mr. Thaell withdraw his support of Hillary Clinton, a crook and a liar? Of course not. The Democrats don’t mind having liars represent them because that’s what they do every day- lie. They have been lying for decades in order to maintain their straglehold on cities and minority communities especially. They even lie about Voter ID being against those poor minorities when, in fact, they must have an ID to even RECEIVE the benefits they keep them dependent upon. Voter fraud works in favor of the Democrats. 1200 fraudulent votes is what got Al Franken elected in Minnesota and gave the Dems the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare. After all, it was the Democrats that coined the phrase, “Vote early and vote often.” They also rig elections. In many minority voting districts, there was not even one vote for Romney in the last election. That’s impossible. There is always that one person in the community that “goes against the grain”. So, I guess if Cliff Thayell wants a liar and crook to represent him, he must be a lair and a crook, too. If not, then he should withdraw his support for Hillary Clinton and endorse a third-party candidate. But, I think he will choose the former rather than the latter. Just remember, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

    • News_Maven   August 9, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      Excellent post, Mr. Scott.
      Thaell needs to stop jumping up and down in his Birkenstocks, spewing his views on climate change and Trump to those of us who don’t care what he thinks.

      I suspect he’ll keep it up anyway.

      At least until his tin foil hat falls off.

  4. Barney Bishop III   August 9, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Cliff should know better than try to publically ask Comm. Desloge to change his vote, as it would be an insult to ask Cliff to change his vote for Hillary who should be going to prison by the way, in my humble opinion…

    Neither candidate is a “best” choice…but I’ll take The Donald over her every day of the week…she’s someone who doesn’t even know what TRUTH means any more…

    Comm. Desloge expressed his personal opinion…and he should vote for whomever he wants…frankly I was surprised that he said how he would vote, but to the extent that he did, that’s his business and it isn’t the responsibility of any constitutent to try and shame or convince an elected official into voting the way that they want in electing another elected official…

    • Connie Copeland   November 17, 2016 at 1:19 pm

      With all due respect, Donald Trump is a liar and does not know the meaning of Truth. That should be clear by now.

  5. Greg Martin   August 9, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Seems to me the biggest issue here is why Cliff Thaell, or anyone else for that matter, would consider it appropriate to write such a letter. I thought these local seats were supposed to be non-partisan, no one in this country should have to publicly justify their vote or be attacked because of who they support, and I thought liberals were supposed to tolerant of other viewpoints. I guess not according to Thaell.

    Looks to me as though Cliff Thaell considers any opinion other than his own to be wrong and he just can’t help trying to make himself relevant again.

    It all sounds rather un-American to me…

  6. J C Harrison   August 9, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Is Thaell supporting the lying corrupt Democrat in the Presidential race?

    • John   August 9, 2016 at 3:17 pm

      Which one?

  7. daisyduck   August 9, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Some Republicans are choosing to support the party’s nominee. Some aren’t. I am not sure how a vote for a President determines your performance as a non-partisan County Commissioner and what business anyone has trying to shame someone because they indicate they plan to vote for President according to his or her conscience. Undermines democracy just a bit.

  8. Sherry Kelly   August 9, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    I’m outraged by Cliff Thaell’s request that Brian Desloge renounce his support for Trump. For every reason he gives for not supporting the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, I can give 10 reasons not to support Hillary, but that’s beside the point. Desloge always deals professionally in his representation of Leon County and always has the best interest of those who live in Leon County. The fact that he doesn’t align with Thaell’s political views has no relevance. I believe Desloge has every right to openly support any candidate he chooses without affecting his duties as president of NACO. Another liberal double standard in play.

  9. Ben Poitevent   August 9, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    “If you disagree with me, you are either uninformed, misinformed or not as enlightened as me.

  10. Regular Voter   August 9, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I’m just wondering why Mr. Thaell thinks anyone cares about his opinion. Can you spell gall?

  11. KC Shoaf   August 9, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Would Mr. Thaell find it problematic for those of us who find Hillary Clinton objectionable to write letters asking Mayor Gillum to retract his endorsement of Ms. Clinton and give up campaigning for her?

  12. Tony Kidd   August 9, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Grandstand much, Cliff? Remember when you spearheaded a proclamation against the Iraq war? That really served the citizens of Tallahassee well. Back then we elected you to go toe-to-toe with that evil Republican regime in Washington, and boy, did you deliver! You were, at best, ineffective, divisive and completely partisan during your tenure. It’s not at all surprising that you would stoop this low to make yourself semi-relevant again, but the way you did it is so seemingly self-absorbed and reeks of someone who sorely lacks attention.
    Why not send a private letter or, better yet, call Mr. Desloge at his office and discuss it with him there. It’s really not any of your business who he supports as a presidential candidate, regardless of his service to the people of Leon County. Politics are local when applied to the County Commission (unless, of course, you are Cliff Thaell or Andrew Gillum), so his personal beliefs on national issues have no relevance on local issues. Your 15 minutes of fame ended a few years ago, Mr. Thaell, so don’t try and revive your tiny fan base with a flailing of arms and stamping of feet because someone in charge disagrees with you. This letter sums up your legacy for most of us: whining and wringing your hands when the phenomenon of diversity of thought actually smacks you in the face. Pick up your ball and go home.

  13. G Robinson   August 9, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Brian is an upstanding citizen and a very good guy ! He should be able to vote for whomever he choses, just as you are! This is still America! You should not be telling anyone how to vote!!

  14. Moishe   August 10, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Kudos to all those who commented earlier.

  15. The Gray Man   August 10, 2016 at 9:36 am

    Saul Alinsky is smiling in his grave after reading your letter Cliff. Ah yes, the “tolerance” of the left.

  16. Proud American   August 10, 2016 at 10:06 am

    I can’t believe anyone would publicly say they were for the evil and corrupt Hillary!! Wow!! That shows how out of touch Mr. Thaell is.

    • Connie Copeland   November 17, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      Donald Trump is the corrupt one!! Get. Grip on reality.

  17. brad   August 10, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Bryan I commend you for your leadership and thank you for coming out against that vile lying she devil AKA Hillary.

  18. Fed up with local leaders' duplicity   August 15, 2016 at 6:01 am

    WOW…what hubris! Why isn’t Thaell applying this same reasoning to our Mayor and asking him to not endorse Hillary or speak at the DNC on her behalf? This from a man who pushed through the Human Rights Ordinance by stacking the speakers at the commission meeting, keeping it quiet until he had it brought up and not using Roberts Rules of Order to conduct meetings but rather his own bias. It’s such hubris that he’s either blind to how he has been so divisive in local politics or doesn’t care on matters much greater than speaking up about national political leaders. He respects when someone of another opinion can moderate to bring consensus his way, but doesn’t care to see how such moderation is needed on BOTH sides. You go Brian. Being a county commissioner doesn’t mean you give up your first amendment rights as Thaell would like to take from you. This is such an excellent example of how Thaell’s way of thinking is so off base. You’ve got two flawed candidates morally, but legally it’s clear that Hillary is a criminal. The left’s Machiavellian mindset justifies protecting this criminal because her ends justifies their means and it’s ok to publicly support her but not Trump. How much clearer could the left’s double standard be?

  19. Dean   August 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Interesting at best to say, “Where do you get off, Cliff?” I often consider my local representatives to be concerned with our local situations. I don’t think their personal national political views should murky up the local concerns of our county and city. As Commissioner Desloge pointed out, he was asked and he answered. He did not “endorse”Mr. Trump but merely answered how he would vote. Commissioner Desloge has showed his support for local issues and it’s people. That’s called doing your job Cliff. Something you should have done years ago instead of directing others in what they should do.


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