Leon County Loses Jobs in May, Unemployment Remains at 3.6%

The latest employment information shows that Leon County lost 981 jobs in May 2017. This month’s loss follows a loss of 525 jobs in April. One year ago Leon County loss 1,224 jobs.

Despite the job losses, the unemployment rate remained at 3.6%. One year ago the unemployment rate was 4.2%. The 3.6% is the lowest unemployment rate reported in Leon County since 2008.

The Leon County Jobs Report, listed below, indicates that 147,798 people were working in May 2017. This is 6,332 (4.5%) more than the 141,466 reported working in May of last year.

Also, the labor force expanded when compared to one year ago. In May 2017, the workforce was 153,316 compared to 147,656 last year.


At the state-level, Florida gained 39,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate decreased from to 4.1% in April to 4.0% in May.

At the national-level, the US gained 145,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1.

The chart below shows that monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last three years.


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