Most Cities Register Lobbyists, Tallahassee Does Not

An investigation by Tallahassee Reports has revealed that, unlike the City of Tallahassee, most major municipalities in the state of Florida require city lobbyist to register and provide detailed information about their activities.

Thaell and Marks: The Tale of Two Incumbents

Now that the dust has settled and the local elections are in the rear view mirror, its time for some analysis of what happened and why. This story is about two incumbents – County Commissioner Cliff Thaell and Mayor John Marks – who were challenged by two political newcomers.

Tallahassee Leads in Smart Meter Spending

Tallahassee Reports investigated how much money each of the five largest cities in Florida with municipal owned electric utilities chose to invest in smart meters. In addition to Tallahassee, we gathered information on Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, and Lakeland.