Smart Meter, Dumb Idea?

From the Wall Street Journal: Not everyone thinks smart meters are such a smart use of money. Utilities are spending billions of dollars outfitting homes and businesses with the devices, which wirelessly send information about electricity use to utility billing departments and could help consumers control energy use. Proponents of smart meters say that when […]

A Tallahassee Utility Authority-The Rationale

The push to acquire signatures supporting a Tallahassee Utility Authority began on April 15, 2009. To date we have gathered almost 750 signatures. The goal is to have as many signatures as possible when the Tallahassee City Commission has the public forum addressing possible changes to the City Charter. The date of the forum will […]

Charter Review Committee Says No To Change In Electric Utility Structure

On April 6, 2008 the Tallahassee Charter Review Committee began to take votes on┬árecommendations to be forwarded to the City Commission. The Committee voted 5-4 to formally establish the responsibility of the Mayor in area of economic development, regional cooperation efforts, and diplomatic relations. The Committee voted 5-4 to pursue the establishment of an airport […]

Video of Commissioner Lightsey Going to Bat for Consumers

Last week posted an article about the City Commission meeting on April 7, 2009 at which there was a discussion regarding Tallahasse’s carbon footprint. has obtained a video of Commissioner Lightsey’s comments. [flashvideo file=”” width=”316″ height=”212″ /] Commissioner Lightsey’s comments during last week’s City Commission meeting. Commissioner Lightsey commented that the City should […]