Local Human Services: Your Dollars, Your Say

Although it has been getting a lot of press lately, citizens wanting a say in how their tax dollars get spent is not a new concept. Every elementary school student is familiar with the phrase “No taxation without representation!” as the battle cry that accompanied our nation’s founding. To find a modern-day example of this principle in action, one needs to look no further than the local community, where a true example of participatory democracy can be found in the human services funding process.

So now what?

If the City of Tallahassee is serious about trying to create a 18 hour downtown, having more elections would seem to be a great way to accomplish the goal. Too bad then, that Amendment 4 was soundly defeated. The so called “Hometown Democracy” Amendment would have required a vote every time a comp plan was amended, meaning more votes, and more importantly to the City, more election night parties.

Village Square: 2010 Citizen’s Election Season Survival Guide

Tired of low-rent political advertisements that make you hurl objects at the television set? Bored with the finger-pointing, whining, squabbling, temper tantrums and gotcha games? Got indigestion from one too many robocall from Bill Clinton or John McCain during dinner? Perhaps all this has you looking for the “none of the above” box at the voting booth.