Action Required for Southside

It’s high up there on the City Commission’s 2011 agenda, almost as important as job growth and expansion. It seems the city’s establishment is responding to the unrest and uncertainty in the Southside, and its about time. For years, this town has made half-hearted gestures toward the Southside, tolerating a condition of de facto segregation and […]

Ethics are Good for Free Enterprise and Private Property Rights

“Perception is everything.  If you commit a crime, you should pay a penalty—especially if you are a public servant.” State of Florida Senator Fasano said. The past few months we have read about controversy over elected officials making mistakes, or mistakes involving personal gains.  Ethic’s issues of wrongdoings should be looked at with other actions […]

Local Human Services: Your Dollars, Your Say

Although it has been getting a lot of press lately, citizens wanting a say in how their tax dollars get spent is not a new concept. Every elementary school student is familiar with the phrase “No taxation without representation!” as the battle cry that accompanied our nation’s founding. To find a modern-day example of this principle in action, one needs to look no further than the local community, where a true example of participatory democracy can be found in the human services funding process.