A Test For Crony Capitalism

A Test For Crony Capitalism

One of the most popular phrases used by politicians to justify spending your money is “public-private partnership.” The term is most often heard in the same sentence as economic development and has been used at the national and state-level by both Republicans and Democrats to provide justification for significant financial incentives given to businesses that […]

Independent Smart Meter Review is Now Needed

It has been almost seven years since the controversial vote by the City Commission that approved one of the most expensive projects in the history of the City of Tallahassee –smart meters. The money spent on the smart meter project falls in a range between $50 and $80 million depending on what part of the […]

Ethics Advisory Panel Recommendation

By: NEBA, Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates A group of outstanding citizens appointed to the ethics Advisory Panel met 18 times to formulate a plan to ensure that the city has ethics oversight. They presented a very comprehensive ethics plan to the City Commissioners, four of whom rejected most of it, suggesting instead that […]

“We Have A Once In A Decade Opportunity”

“We Have A Once In  A Decade Opportunity”

Over a six month period from October, 2012 until July, 2013 something special happened in City Hall. Something that a lot of people in this community had been seeking for a number of years. But those people were told they were naysayers and critics. The powers in City Hall told these people “take your three […]

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