Tightening the Belt: What to Watch for in Local and National Spending

Since the “Great Recession,” many local, state, and national governments have struggled to install a sustainable budget. No matter the level of government, unanticipated costs from increases in predetermined spending remain at the heart of the problem. Whether it is local governments struggling to pay promised pensions or state governments withdrawing funding to state universities, […]

ObamaCore? Education Reform Hits a Snag

Wherever you stand on the Common Core, an attempt to provide a set of nationwide education standards, it can’t be good news for the program that it has begun to so resemble the disastrous process and rollout of this administration’s last federal reform, ObamaCare. Yet the opposition to the Common Core has followed a familiar […]

Stop The Red Light Camera Program

Stop The Red Light Camera Program

The City of Tallahassee began a Red Light Camera Safety Program on July 1, 2010. Currently, there are 19 red light safety cameras in operation at seven intersections within the City. Recently, the City released and Tallahassee Reports wrote about data that indicate the use of red light cameras has resulted in more crashes at […]

What will it take?

How can a relatively small town government have so many things wrong that a start-up newspaper can grow based almost entirely on reporting the misdeeds using the City’s own public records? With distribution now well over 10,000 copies of each edition Tallahassee Reports is thriving because the truth matters. But, does it? Will the truth […]

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