Why Tallahassee Reports?

The transformation of the media industry over the last thirty years has presented severe economic challenges to the newspaper industry. The newspaper business, fueled by a near monopoly over local advertising for so long, has had to make drastic changes to the way they operate. Without much, if any competition in reporting local news, many […]

On the Brew Pub Vote, Andrew Gillum Made A Good Point

Based on pre-vote intel, it was pretty clear that the City Commission was going to vote to move forward with the million dollar investment in what has become known as the Brew Pub in Cascades Park. What was not known was if there would be a discussion among the City Commissioners about the reasons why […]

A Test For Crony Capitalism

A Test For Crony Capitalism

One of the most popular phrases used by politicians to justify spending your money is “public-private partnership.” The term is most often heard in the same sentence as economic development and has been used at the national and state-level by both Republicans and Democrats to provide justification for significant financial incentives given to businesses that […]

Independent Smart Meter Review is Now Needed

It has been almost seven years since the controversial vote by the City Commission that approved one of the most expensive projects in the history of the City of Tallahassee –smart meters. The money spent on the smart meter project falls in a range between $50 and $80 million depending on what part of the […]

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