About Us

Tallahassee Reports started over 5 years ago as an online blog and has been working to expand local news coverage by exploring partnerships with radio and local TV stations. These experiments have helped define what works and have identified new opportunities. Tallahassee Reports is now offered in a print edition in a move to get more people informed about local government decisions and actions that would otherwise go unreported.  Our goal is simple: provide investigative reports on local government issues and detailed analysis on the status of the local business climate to as many readers as possible.

Our Mission:

  • OUR PURPOSE is to enhance our community by providing information about the decisions and actions of local governments in Leon County.
  • OUR GOAL is to provide the community with a source of local news that can be trusted to be independent and free of conflicts of interest.
  • To that end, employees of Tallahassee Reports will not sit on any governmental boards and Tallahassee Reports will not accept any advertising from local government entities.