Cost Saving Ideas Requested by Governor-elect Scott

I found it interesting that our Governor-Elect Rick Scott has kicked off a new initiative he calls “Florida 2.0 – your opportunity to tell Tallahassee how you want to see state government reformed. There are so many ways for citizens and state agencies to interact, but this challenge will provide direct access for you to tell me how Tallahassee can serve you better and be better stewards of your tax dollars.” On his website Scott requests that we submit our cost saving ideas (in 150 words or less), select an agency that would be impacted and our name and email address. I have submitted several ideas. It will be interesting to see how he handles all of the input that he receives. More importantly, I hope that there will be a mechanism established by which his administration will be able to track the number of ideas submitted – quantity that express the same/similar idea(s), number of ideas that are ultimately instituted and the potential and actual cost savings. I like the idea of his request for input but without performance measures how will we gauge its ultimate success.


Frances Powell

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