Tallahassee's Capital Bond Rating Downgraded

The City of Tallahassee’s capital bond rating has been downgraded. Bonds are used by states and municipalities to raise money to pay for things such as infrastructure projects. On January 16, 2009 Business Wire reported that  “in the course of routine surveillance, Fitch Ratings downgraded Tallahassee, Florida’s approximately $5.2 million in outstanding capital bonds series […]

A City of Tallahassee Budget Summary

In an effort to provide important information to our readers, listed below is a summary of city expenditures approved in the fiscal year 2009 budget. The items listed below represent over 95% of the $841 million 2009  city budget.

The Cost of Going Green – Calculation Update

A  recent article posted by Tallahassee Reports -“The Cost of Green May Cost More ThanYou Think”- reported that the citizens of  Tallahassee had paid approximately $45-$50 million  a year above  what they would have paid over the last three years if Tallahassee would have had the average electric rates of  three utilities with a more diverse […]

The Cost of Going Green May Cost More Than You Think

Questions to Ponder While Reading Should the City of Tallahassee Provide Costs & Benefits for Going Green Initiatives? Is $50 Million a Year Too Much to Spend to Exclusively Use Natural Gas to Generate Electricity? What is the Tangible Benefit of Exclusively Using Natural Gas for Electricity Generation? The City of Tallahassee’s electric rates rank […]