The City of Tallahassee Funds Cultural Events With Tax Dollars Through “Outside Agencies”

Questions to Ponder While Reading Do You Think City Tax Dollars Should Support Cultural and Arts Organizations? What Organizations Do You Think Deserve Tax Dollars? Should the City of Tallahassee Cut Spending for Cultural and Arts Grants During Tough Economic Times? For the fiscal year 2008, the City of Tallahassee provided “Outside Agencies” with approximately $2.8 million in […]

Solar Panels at Trousdel Atheletic Center Not Living Up To Expectations

Questions to Ponder While Reading Should The City of Tallahassee Assign a Cost With “Going Green” Initiatives? Do You Think “Going Green” Initiatives Should Be Promoted By Government and Implemented By Individuals or Implemented by Government? Should the Cost of “Going Green” Initiatives Determine Which Initiatives Should Be Implemented? In late-2000 the City of Tallahassee […]

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