Our Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

Public money for private greed. This is the true mission of the Community Redevelopment Agency or CRA. The result is a massive redistribution of resources from people at the bottom of the economic ladder to those at the top. It is as if to say that the people in Frenchtown and South City have too […]

General Lafayette Would Be Proud

His name was “Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Ives Gilbert Du Mottier, Marquis de Lafayette.” He was a wealthy French nobleman and was responsible for giving Tallahassee a special historical tie to the American Revolution, therefore to the cause of liberty around the world. In 1777 at the tender age of 20, Lafayette sailed to America with […]

Gillum Fails To Lead On Ethics

Gillum Fails To Lead On Ethics

The City Commission vote against the Ethics Advisory Panel (EAP) recommendation for an appointed Ethics Officer was bad enough. But to think the probable future Mayor of the City of Tallahassee could not see the wisdom put forth by the EAP is even more troubling. When the Tallahassee Democrat, Martha Barnett, the former President of […]

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