The TAPP Program Has A Bad Smell

When we learned that the City Manager of Tallahassee awarded a contract to the highest bidder we started asking questions. What we found is a disturbing network of insiders that use the need for clean water to secure tax payer dollars to fund a program that after 8 years can provide no scientific evidence that […]

Tightening the Belt: What to Watch for in Local and National Spending

Since the “Great Recession,” many local, state, and national governments have struggled to install a sustainable budget. No matter the level of government, unanticipated costs from increases in predetermined spending remain at the heart of the problem. Whether it is local governments struggling to pay promised pensions or state governments withdrawing funding to state universities, […]

ObamaCore? Education Reform Hits a Snag

Wherever you stand on the Common Core, an attempt to provide a set of nationwide education standards, it can’t be good news for the program that it has begun to so resemble the disastrous process and rollout of this administration’s last federal reform, ObamaCare. Yet the opposition to the Common Core has followed a familiar […]

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