COT Base Electric Rates Have Increased 39% Since 2005

COT Base Electric Rates Have Increased 39% Since 2005

It has been reported that the City of Tallahassee electric department has been in the midst of a “rate study” over the last several weeks. The purpose of this study is to determine if the COT needs to increase base electric rates, the non-fuel part of your electric bill, to cover operational expenses over the […]

Citizens Can Help Too

Citizens empower elected officials when they defer their knowledge, wisdom and expertise to public servants, government staff and other special interest groups. Representative government is successful when the body represents the collective views of those that they stand for. But when one wavers by interjecting his or her own values and beliefs into the decisions […]

County Considering Advanced Septic Tanks

During 2011, the county commission will be taking another look at requiring more advanced septic tanks for southern Leon County.  In my view, the proposal before the county commission to require performance based treatment systems (PBTS) probably is not what we need and it is certainly not what the property owners want.  A performance based […]

Action Required for Southside

It’s high up there on the City Commission’s 2011 agenda, almost as important as job growth and expansion. It seems the city’s establishment is responding to the unrest and uncertainty in the Southside, and its about time. For years, this town has made half-hearted gestures toward the Southside, tolerating a condition of de facto segregation and […]