Cost of Going Green Verified by City Officials

In a recent article published by Tallahassee Reports, research indicated that  Tallahassee’s reliance on natural gas has cost the people of Tallahassee approximately $40-50 million a year over the last three years when compared to the rates of other utilities in the area.  In a meeting on Tuesday, high ranking officials with the Tallahassee Electric Utility […]

The Cost of Going Green – Calculation Update

A  recent article posted by Tallahassee Reports -“The Cost of Green May Cost More ThanYou Think”- reported that the citizens of  Tallahassee had paid approximately $45-$50 million  a year above  what they would have paid over the last three years if Tallahassee would have had the average electric rates of  three utilities with a more diverse […]

The Cost of Going Green May Cost More Than You Think

Questions to Ponder While Reading Should the City of Tallahassee Provide Costs & Benefits for Going Green Initiatives? Is $50 Million a Year Too Much to Spend to Exclusively Use Natural Gas to Generate Electricity? What is the Tangible Benefit of Exclusively Using Natural Gas for Electricity Generation? The City of Tallahassee’s electric rates rank […]

Tallahassee Spends $1,140,000 On Various Charities and Social Service Programs

Questions to Ponder While Reading Do You Think City Tax Dollars Should Support Charities and Social Service Programs? What Programs Do You Think Deserve Tax Dollars? Should Giving To Charities Be Left To Individuals? For the fiscal year 2008, the City of Tallahassee provided “Outside Agencies” with approximately $2.8 million in funding. The FY2009 budget is recommending a level […]