Gaines Street Development Draws Criticism From Business Owners

Gaines Street Development Draws Criticism From Business Owners

Over the last three years, the City and County Commissioners who sat on the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) have voted to spend approximately $10 million dollars associated with four major developments on and around Gaines Street.  Together these developments will consist of 74,000 square feet of retail space, 1,400 parking places, and 1,400 residential beds. […]

Marks, Lindley Offer Strong Support to PAC

A lot happened at the CRA Board meeting today. The CRA Board voted to spend almost $200,000 on leasing parking spaces near the Gaines Street corridor and a consultant that will offer a strategic assessment of downtown Tallahassee. The CRA staff said that the parking places would help “support retail development” in the area. Mayor […]

This Week’s Local Government Preview

The Leon County Board of County Commission will have a workshop on Tuesday to address the Fiscal 2014 Budget. After the workshop, the Board will hold their regular commission meeting. Among the issues addressed will be a proposed Infrastructure Agreement related to the Orchard Pond Toll Roads. On Wednesday there is a CRA Board meeting […]

Where Does The Tallahassee CRA Spend Your Money?

The City of Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has spent or committed over $27 million to redevelopment activities in two sections of town and the majority of this money has been spent in the last four years. Under Florida law (Chapter 163, Part III), local governments are able to designate areas as community redevelopment areas […]