Commissioners Had Little Notice of $8 Million Surplus

A public records request by Tallahassee Reports indicates that Tallahassee City Commissioners did not have much time to consider options with respect to the $8 million electric utility surplus before their vote on December 8, 2010.

Records indicate that Commissioners Ziffer and Miller received a staff briefing on December 6 about the $8 million surplus while Commissioner Gillum and Mayor Marks were briefed on December 8, the day of the vote. Commissioner Mustian did not receive a staff briefing.

Tallahassee Reports also verified that the Citizens Advisory Committee for Utilities did not learn about the $8 million surplus until December 9th, one day after the City Commission voted to move the money to the reserve fund.

City staffers would not go on the record, but Tallahassee Reports has learned that staff knew about the surplus for a least 1 month prior to the December 8th vote.

A review of City of Tallahassee press releases on, the city’s website, shows no mention of the $8 million surplus. However, on December 7th, there is a press release notifying the media about the Mayor’s “Financial Sustainability” meeting.

Tallahassee Reports has asked the City Manager why staff waited so long to inform the City Commission about the surplus and why the public and local media was not notified about the surplus. The City Manager has yet to respond.

Check back for updates to this report.

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