Tallahassee Reports Staff

Kathy Stewart

Kathy Stewart is the CEO of Red Hills Journalism Foundation. Using her strengths in organization, financial discipline and computer skills she helped transform Tallahassee Reports from a blog to a media outlet comprised of a website, social media platform and print newspaper. She is responsible for the financial aspects and the daily operations of Tallahassee Reports. Prior to Red Hills Journalism Foundation, she was CFO of a commercial printing business. Kathy graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She taught for a short time before choosing to work from home and raise her six children.

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart received his Masters degree in Political Science from FSU, and went on to work with the Office of Public Counsel . While at the Office of Public Counsel, Steve participated in major electric rate cases and provided testimony on behalf of the consumers of Florida before the Florida Public Service Commission. In 1999, he started a real estate marketing company, and since 2006 he has been the owner of a commercial marketing and printing business.

Tristyn Leigh


Tristyn Leigh is a lifetime resident of Tallahassee. Tristyn plans on going to Florida State University to pursue a career in creative writing.


Jessa Stewart


Jessa Stewart is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. She is currently serving in the National Guard and participating in the ROTC program with an interest in  commissioning as a military intelligence officer post graduation.