Employment Increases in Leon County

Employment Increases in Leon County

Employment data for November, 2013 shows that Leon County added 157 jobs. This increase means that Leon County has added jobs for six straight months. This has not happened since 2007. The unemployment rate came in at 5.3%.

Since June of this year, 5,936 people in Leon County have found work, bringing the total number of employed to 142,784. The highest pre-recession level of employment was 144,414 with an unemployment rate of 3.0%.
The current unemployment rate of 5.3% remains higher than pre-recession levels because the potential labor force has increased from 148,836 to 150,707 in November, 2013.

Where are people finding jobs? In the government and the services sectors.

Based on an exclusive analysis by Tallahassee Reports, the private economic sectors recovering the quickest from the recession are the leisure, hospitality and service sectors.

Also faring well in the post –recession era are state and local governments. In the Tallahassee area, state and local governments lost 8,500 jobs during the recession, but over the last two years this sector has recovered approximately 6,000 of those jobs.

In stark contrast, the construction and manufacturing sectors in Tallahassee area are still lagging the economy as a whole. These sectors lost approximately 5,000 jobs during the recession and the local economy has been unable to recover many of these jobs.

In the coming months it will be interesting to see if the job growth remains consistent or loses momentum. Also, will the construction and manufacturing sectors finally begin to make contributions to the local economy.


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