Employment Decreases in December

Employment Decreases in December

The employment momentum generated over the last six months in Leon County slowed significantly in December, 2013. The latest report shows that the number of people employed in Leon County fell by 2,286 workers from 142,906 in November to 140,620 in December.

From June to November of 2013, Leon County added 6,058 workers to local pay rolls for a total of 142,906 people employed in November 2013.

The number of people employed in 2007, just before the Great Recession was 141,100. With this recent decline, the number of people employed fell to 140,620, below the level reported in 2007.

Over the last three years, the number of employed have fallen significantly in the month of December. In December, 2011, Leon County lost 2,600 jobs and in December, 2012 Leon County lost 1,770 jobs.

Despite this recent setback, the number of workers employed in Leon County has increased from 137,054 in December, 2013 to 140,620 in December 2014.

This follows the trend at the state level. Florida’s seasonally adjusted total nonagricultural employment was 7,645,000 in December 2013, an increase of 192,900 over the December 2012, employment.

The chart to the right shows the six month average of Leon County employment from 2007-2013. The chart shows that job growth since the Great Recession has had a number of stops and starts.

The number of Leon County residents employed reached a post-recession low in April, 2012. Since that time, Leon County has added aproximately 6,000 jobs.

The next 3-5 months will be important in determining if job growth in Leon County will regain the momentum of the last few months. Over the last two years, during the period form January to May, Leon County lost workers- will this trend continue?

A number of analysts see 2014 as a breakout year for Florida. A surge in construction and increased tourism are behind this positive analysis. Florida is expected to add more than 176,000 jobs next year.

If job growth continues in Leon County, state analysts project the growth coming from the leisure and hospitality sector.


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