Superintendent Pons Provides Answers About Byrd Property Transactions

Superintendent Pons Provides Answers About Byrd Property Transactions

Tallahassee Reports has been provided with a document drafted by attorney Ron Meyer in response to an article written earlier this week addressing a property transaction between Superintendent Jackie Pons and former Assistant Superintendent Paul Byrd.

The document was produced for Superintendent Pons and was provided to Tallahassee Reports by Leon County School Board officials.

The section addressing the Byrd transaction is listed below. Click on image to enlarge.


The previous story can be read here.

The document contains a five paragraph section addressing the purchase of the lot on St. George Island from Paul Byrd.

For the most part, the document confirms the facts provided by Tallahassee Reports. However, new information about the transaction was provided.

The document indicates that the sale of the lot back to Paul Byrd two years later for the same amount it was bought for in 2008 “merely reflects an informal right of first refusal which (Pons) agreed to with the Byrds.”

With regards to a potential conflict due to Byrd’s position at the School Board, the attorney concluded that “The fact that Byrd is an employee of the School District is of no moment legally. The transaction is not a prohibited one.”

While the attorney opinion concludes the transaction is legal, Tallahassee Reports asked School Board officials about the perception of such a transaction and if the transaction violates any School Board policies.

Tallahassee Reports will publish comments when they are received.

There was no comment in the analysis about the original sales price and the market value of the lot.


6 Responses to "Superintendent Pons Provides Answers About Byrd Property Transactions"

  1. I think we wait for the final investigations… The men making the accusations have their own political agendas and reasons to not like Pons…which as far as I know only have to do with the man doing his job. Also, as far as campaign contributions go I bet there aren’t many contractors or construction companies in Leon County who didn’t make a contribution to the superintendents campaign and to his opponent as well. It’s common practice by many companies and individuals to support BOTH candidates in a race. How do you avoid using any company that made a contribution? This would be a good point for an investigative reporter to look into. Perhaps better practices could be used and the school board is looking at requiring this but wait for all the facts before saying something criminal has been done!

  2. Was Mr. Byrd “pressured/forced” to buy back his property that ultimately was foreclosed upon recently?

    Why the purchase on Proctor Road for $335,000 for Leon County Schools when the market value was only $120,000.

    Criminal lawyers now hired for Pons…what next?

  3. I am pretty sure this whole bunch of guys are involved in a bunch of illegal and shady activity. Someone with a set of ballyhoos needs to step up and make them be held accountable.

  4. WOW! “Informal right of refusal” Yea, whatever…

    Wonder what Mr. Byrd’s side of the story is?

    Why did they not complete a written “right of refusal” agreement? Maybe because there was not one?

    And Pons is running the schools construction projects in Leon County and doesn’t even get a “right of refusal” in writing on his on real estate transaction? Nary a word from the school board members ever questioning the slew of $999,999.99 projects. Complacency, greed, and poor management caught up with them.

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