Leon County Economy Ends Slide in July, Adds 460 Jobs

The latest state of Florida employment data shows that after eight consecutive months of job loses, Leon county added 460 jobs in July.

This month’s job growth follows a statewide trend. At the state level, Florida added 12,000 jobs in July.

In addition to Leon county, other North Florida locations rebounding from job losses in June, include Escambia county (added 851 jobs) and Alachua (added 564 jobs).

North Florida locations continuing to add jobs this month include Oakloosa county (added 16 jobs) and Bay county (added 578 jobs).

Since the beginning of the year, Leon county has lost a total of 4,289 jobs.EMPLOYJULY2015

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  1. Hope & Change   August 25, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    These are seasonal jobs to repaint, re carpet and clean rental before the new students arrive in August. All rental use this period to prepare rental properties, so these are temporary jobs that pay well.


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