Jobs Decline in May, But Unemployment Rate Improves

Jobs Decline in May, But Unemployment Rate Improves

The State of Florida employment report for May shows that Leon County lost 722 jobs. This follows a loss of 1,221 jobs in April. Despite these losses, the unemployment continues to fall. The rate has declined from 4.3% in March to 4.0% in May. This is due to a decrease in the number of people looking for jobs. The workforce has declined from 149,932 in March to 146,526 in April.

However, looking back over the last 12 months, employment in Leon County has improved. The latest report shows that 141,610 people were employed in May, 2016. That is 1,536 more than the 140,074 people employed during May of last year.

The chart below shows the monthly number of jobs and also a line tracking the three-month average of people employed.L2EMPLOYMENTMay

The 3-month trend line indicates employment is beginning to trend downward. Despite this downward trend, May’s employment numbers are still above the number of people employed at the start of the year.

The chart also shows that one year ago, during the period from March to July, Leon County was in the midst of four months of successive jobs losses. The next two months will reveal if this 2015 trend will occur in 2016.

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