Rocky Hanna Wins NEBA Debate, Superintendent Jackie Pons Second

Rocky Hanna Wins NEBA Debate, Superintendent Jackie Pons Second

In a forum for candidates running for Superintendent of Leon County Schools, held by the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA), former Leon High School principal Rocky Hanna finished first in the straw poll.

Hanna was followed by Superintendent Jackie Pons and former Leon County school board member Forrest Van Camp. Over 120 people attended the forum held at Capital City Country Club. Only NEBA members were allowed to vote in the straw poll.

TR will have a full write-up on the forum later today.

15 Responses to "Rocky Hanna Wins NEBA Debate, Superintendent Jackie Pons Second"

  1. It was certainly clear to see why Rocky won the little straw poll since his father in law Ted Thomas was in charge of the event… and the room was almost filled with all Rocky supporters…you might call the deck stacked against the rest of us candidates. The first clue I saw to this was that I almost fell over ten signs stuck right at the front door that my dress snagged on. Very bad taste and very rude shenanigans I would say. In the contests I have been in before I have never seen such mental torment and verbal abuse as they gave the current superintendent. I want to win this office as much as the others but this was just plain WRONG. The female candidate.

    1. It’s called politics, Ms Sunday. You could have brought your signs and supporters too. I wish you had.

        1. It is in poor taste to lose a debate/straw poll and blame the people attending or running the event. If you had won the straw poll would you be lambasting the event coordinator for being biased?

          Furthermore, it is your job as the candidate to convince people to vote for you. If your message isn’t resonating with the people supporting Mr. Hanna, blame the message, not the voters.

  2. The job of Superintendent needs a person of strong character and integrity.

    That is why ROCKY has my vote!

    I am proud to support my dear friend and a hard-working man!

    Rocky Hanna for Superintendent!

  3. I agree with Jeff Devore. We need someone who truly cares about our education system, teachers, students, and parents. We don’t need someone who is trying to decide what political office to run for next.

    1. Then I am that person. I care about the educational system, teachers, students, and parents. I am not trying to decide what political office to run for next. This is the third time I have run for this office so I appear to be the ONE that really desires to make a real change, not just talk about it.

  4. I know Rocky to be a good guy who went out of his way to attend to my kid’s needs. And the teacher’s needs; and the school’s needs.
    I’m voting for Rocky because he understands that others deserve the opportunity to take charge of their departments; allowing teachers to teach and principals to have a say. I want a broad-picture guy, who isn’t micromanaging for political opportunities.

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