Commissioner Richardson Says Executive Raises “Were Certainly Reasonable”

Commissioner Richardson Says Executive Raises “Were Certainly Reasonable”

In an interview today with Tom Flanigan on WFSU’s  Perspectives show, challenger Steven Hougland traded jabs with incumbent City Commissioner Curtis Richardson over the recent executive pay raises given out at City Hall.

In the discussion about the raises, which in some cases were between $30,000 and $50,000, Hougland said Commissioner Richardson should have asked questions, but instead remained quiet and approved the raises.

Richardson responded by saying “I don’t apologize for anything we have done.”

Richardson went on to say that “I think the City Manager did a fantastic job” in implementing the staff reorganization. After seeing the City Manager’s presentation, Richardson told Mr. Flanigan, I believe the raises “were certainly reasonable.”

Hougland said “it concerns me when we are handing out raises that exceed the average annual family income in Tallahassee.”

Hougland also brought up the fact that the raises for the 16 employees were recommended by an employee that was actually receiving a raise. Hougland said he would have asked for an independent review.

Richardson ended the discussion by saying he had complete confidence in the City staff and that the voters will ultimately decide if the raises were in the best interest of the City of Tallahassee.

Tallahassee Reports journalist, Karen Murphy, has completed a profile on this race which will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. I agree with all these comments. Tax-payers are totally insignificant in the eyes of city, county, and state officials.

  2. Like my Mother always said.
    Son never be a lawyer, they do not have the choice, they have to package the truth.

    Guess it applies here too, but I think it is more than packaging the truth, it is more like you scratch my back I scratch yours.

    With one of the best retirement and health plans in country, why not.

    With all the CREATIVE accounting, budgeting, procurement, “managing” and “assistant managing”. Would you not do it?

    Walk if you will for a moment in the shoes of these young and old local politicians who have a flair for talking.

    Having the “gift of the gab” used to be a curse, but nay, nowadays; it is money in the bank – well not yours but maybe a friend of a friend of a family member via contracts, agreements etc.

    Nice, Capitalism at work, nay at it best.

  3. Steve Hougland has my vote. Matter of fact, anyone running against an incumbent has my vote. This is just unbelievable – $50,000 raises on the backs of tax payers. No one and let me say that again – no one deserves a $50,000 raise, especially in this small town.

  4. He term limits out of State government. Becomes a city commissioner. Now he runs for a federal position in a district that guarantees lifetime employment. Just what is needed, another career politician.

  5. It is time we give Curtis an opportunity to seek employment in the private sector! If you want to change city hall vote for Steve hougland!!!!

  6. There are two things Curtis stated which need to be noted especially by his supporters who are often the most injured by the Commissions decisions: 1) He is not sorry for anything the Commission (he) has done – which means the 27% hike in fire service, a 13% property tax hike, gouging you with over charges for garbage pick-up, excess charges of $17 M and high utility rates which get transferred to general fund; 2) pay raises for select few of nearly $50 K were “reasonable.” All paid with your tax dollars. He has challenged voters to tell him if his actions as a Commissioner were in YOUR best interests. Look at the short list I just noted – were they?

  7. These people are so out of touch with reality, it’s unbelievable. I’ll bet if he were personally having to pay for the increases, he would sing a different tune. I’m supporting Hougland. Richardson needs to GO…

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