Leon County Jobs Rebound in July, Unemployment Rate Stays at 5.0%

Leon County Jobs Rebound in July, Unemployment Rate Stays at 5.0%

The State of Florida employment report for July shows that Leon County added 433 jobs. This increase is a rebound from three consecutive months of job losses. The unemployment rate remained at 5.0% for July.

With these gains, approximately 2,100 more people were working in July of this year when compared to July of last year. The latest report shows that 140,854 people were employed in July, 2016. There were 138,759 people employed during July of last year.

A look at recent trends bode well for the employment picture in the coming months.

For example, unlike last year Leon County added jobs in July. Also, during the first seven months of 2015, Leon County loss 2,700 jobs,  but added 2,980 from August through December. From January to July of 2016, Leon has lost 880 jobs – much less than last year.

The next three months could provide new highs in employment for Leon County  

The chart below shows the monthly number of jobs and also a line tracking the three-month average of people employed. The 3-month trend line indicates employment is clearly trending down. The chart also shows the rebound in employment that can be expected from July through September.

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