Mayor Andrew Gillum Releases Statement on Trump Victory

Mayor Andrew Gillum Releases Statement on Trump Victory

On Wednesday morning Mayor Andrew Gillum posted comments on his Facebook account about Donald Trump’s election victory.

Gillum, who endorsed Hillary Clinton and was on a early list of potential vice-presidential candidates, said in the post, “I reject nearly everything that Donald Trump stands for. I am disappointed about the message we send to our children by allowing him to serve in this elevated position.”

He also added, “I’m going back to work to fight for my view of the American Way. I will choose love over hate. I will chose acceptance over intolerance. I will choose stronger together over separate and apart.”

With a Clinton victory, many people were sure Gillum would leave Tallahassee for Washington to take a position in the new administration.

Gillum’s full Facebook post is below:

Like many of you, I am shocked, disappointed, hurt and jolted by the outcome of this election. Not just because of the candidate who won, but moreover what I fear it reveals about who we are. Many of us will spend a lot of time thinking about how we got here and what this outcome means for our families, our communities and our country. I reject nearly everything that Donald Trump stands for. I am disappointed about the message we send to our children by allowing him to serve in this elevated position. I believe firmly that we have to make things better right where we stand. I commit to fighting for the values that make America a great country to call home – in spite of who serves in the Oval Office. I’m not big on complaining, so like many of you, I’ll do the hand-wringing and try hard to figure out what just happened; but when all of that is done – I’m going back to work! I’m going back to work to fight for my view of the American Way. I will choose love over hate. I will chose acceptance over intolerance. I will choose stronger together over separate and apart. I will work hard to model and create a model for the kind of world that my kids deserve to grow up in and eventually inherit. It won’t be easy. In fact, the way will likely be made harder as a result of this election. That said, I still choose to work!

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  1. After reading all these posts I’m just glad I don’t live in Tally. I’m afraid the poor folks In my hometown are doomed by a bunch of liberal knuckleheads. As long as Tally has all of those students and “deplorable” haters the city will continue to degrade with leadership like this nut. The only thing I can recommend is to move away and let Leon County go to waste.

  2. Remember folks this is the same Mayor who wants to bring 10,000 undocumented Syrians to Talley and who could not figure out how to resolve a cat 1 hurricane crisis. He is a Georhe Soros puppet who needs to be booted out of office! What a stupid statement to make but predictable. Pulll Soros ? fillings and see if our Mayor got a bunch…..

  3. After reading all the comments, I am so glad to see we all see Gillum as the Emperor without Clothes. He is just a tool for george soros to use to get his agenda (21) accomplished. We are not being fooled by this fool.

  4. Didn’t we create the city manager position in lieue of having a mayor?

    I wonder what he does all day?

    I don’t need some bought and paid for Soros Pud acting as my social conscience.

  5. The people have spoken Mr. Mayor and apparently don’t like the language you have been espousing.

    Neither political party gives us anything to write home about or be proud of, but the party you represent has no qualms resorting to lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering, including murdering helpless small fetuses and anyone else who does not agree with their warped views.

    Your party is inclusive of and has nutured the behavior of a largely worthless generation of millennials and post-millennials who are now loitering, protesting, and rioting-doing harm to human lives and destroying property, many getting paid for their activities by front organizations funded by george soros and other anarchists.

    your friend and mentor george soros needs to be arrested, tried, and executed for his atrocities committed against Polish Jews during World War II, not to mention the havoc he is creating in our modern day world. If we, the American people actually knew the number of American politicians accepting bribes from him and being on his payroll to foster his sinister agendas, we would be astonished. These people are totally worthless and a drain on our American society;if a foreign power invades America, these people will tuck tail and run.

    You were out of line indicating that Tallahassee would accept syrian terrorists; that did not reflect the sentiment of this community and showed a lack of respect on your part for this community. You were motivated to make that comment to please george soros and his cronies so that you can continue drawing that big salary for presiding over one of his front organizations. I bet you have never invited one of those people whom you do dearly welcome, to come into your household and break bread with you and your family.

    You might feel so much better about yourself when you look into the mirror in the morning to have a real hero and mentor like Ben Carson, rather than the likes of the clintons and obamas who have never had meaningful employment and carpetbagged America all of their lives. If you think these people care one iota about the plight of Black Americans-or anyone else besides themselves(including you and me)-you are not living in the real world.

    The sun is finally setting on the Clintons and obamas and their sinister agendas.

  6. Gilliam is a total idiot! Glad Trump won, but hate that Gilliam the , never had a job, never goes to work, inappropriate comments idiot is still here! I mean really…the country has spoken and we have a new president…but worthless, never had a job politician Gulium just runs his mouth. He is supposed to be supportive of the process. But instead is an ass! Just leave… please!

  7. Given Tallahassee’s history of left leaning politics and leaders like this, it’s no wonder that it rates so high in violent crime statistics. Congratulations Mr. Mayor! You and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have something in common to talk about.

  8. Andrew is channeling Van Jones – repeating the same tired mantra. When people have no legit argument to make, they resort to accusations of bias and labeling. Very sad.

  9. His ‘way’ is ‘people for the american way’…which is not the American Way at all. Far left kook fringe socialist globalist think tank funded by george soros and pays gillum around $130K in salary to promote their causes. Check them out and if you had questions about gillum,they will be answered. (In my comments, where upper case would be grammatically correct…lower case is intentional)

    1. Not the first time it has happened. Won’t be the last. We live in a Representative Republic, not a Democracy. . If you don’t like the rulebook lobby to have it changed.
      Won popular vote but lost presidency
      1824: Andrew Jackson
      1876: Samuel Tilden
      1888: Grover Cleveland
      2000: Al Gore
      2016: Hillary Clinton

  10. Ironic that his election is a huge signal that the country no longer wants to go in its current direction, which is being led by the likes of Andrew Gillum! It’s as much a referendum against him as it is Hillary.

  11. “I reject nearly everything that Donald Trump stands for. I am disappointed about the message we send to our children by allowing him to serve in this elevated position”

    So Andy here are a few things Trump says he stands for:

    Less personal taxes for All Americans so we keep more of our money to secure our own financial futures,

    Lower Corporate taxes and regulations so businesses will have the confidence to start hiring again and everyone can go to work and provide for their families,

    Enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders for national security, starting with deporting all illegals with a criminal record, and extreme vetting of those that come in legally to insure no ISIS sleepers,

    Support all law enforcement to maintain law and order with strong support for our 2nd amendment so we can protect our own families,

    Drain the swamp to flush out the corrupt people and practices that steal our productivity and confidence in our leaders.

    So Andy, which one of these things that Trump stands for do you reject? … be careful with your answers if you have future political aspirations.

    So Andy, you have a problem with “allowing” Trump to serve after he has been duly elected? The message you need to give your children is that we have a representative republic and those that are duly elected are given a burden to represent everyone…especially the ones that have differing views so you will have earned the respect of everyone for fairly representing all of your constituents. It’s called being tolerant of those with a different view of their own “American way.”

    Hopefully one result of your hand wringing will be a realization that some of your once thought superior views may just be in the minority after all, and many of the constituents you represent are offended by the increasing left leaning statements and actions you take in the name of Tallahassee.

  12. The number O-N-E threat to our country and the world is people who thinks like you do Mister Gillum, you are the intolerant, you are the person who discriminated against people who doesn’t look like you do! so much for the party of all people.

  13. Mr. Gillum,
    One thing that makes America great is the fact that she has 240 years of peaceful transitions of power under her belt. After the show put on by “supporters” of Mrs. Clinton last night, and after reading your words, (which so eloquently mirror the technique mastered by our current POTUS of expressing hatred and divisiveness while wrapping them in a thin facade of neo-tolerance) I am beginning to wonder if the era of peaceful transition has come to an end.

    Please consider your words more carefully the next time you choose to use your position to lecture those of us who elevate American values over the socialist views that you and your political allies espouse. Our form of government is simple. The rules for it are laid out in a document called The Constitution. Repeatedly the words, “the government shall not…” appear within that unique essay. Nowhere will you find the words, “the government shall take from it’s citizens and give to others.” This was the message that was shouted by we the “deplorables” on Tuesday.

    This Tuesday’s vote spoke volumes about the determination of the American citizenry to never let the ideal of “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” slip from the face of this Earth. The usually silent majority stood up and said, “no more!” I hope for your sake that you were listening as well, because it was not just a declaration made to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, but a declaration made to every leader that a new tide is rolling in. It’s a good thing that you’ve made so many contacts with others who think like you during your globe-trotting on the city’s dollar, you may be needing a new job in the very near future.

  14. Why don’t you try your hand on a larger stage. Run for a higher office. Governing Tallahassee ought to be about Tallahassee, not a platform for other political forums.

  15. “I am disappointed about the message we send to our children by allowing him to serve in this elevated position.”

    So is Andy against democracy? Trump won fair and square!

    This is a sad and disgusting statement!!

  16. You are a poster child for what is wrong in our political system. How about you give the Presidential elect Donald J. Trump { Boy that sounds nice ]a chance to elevate this country and make it great again instead of working against him. Go back to work on a local level and quit spending all your time with those leftist organizations

  17. Wait, give me second. As I was reading what our esteemed mayor had to say about the election and his view of our country now that HRC and her agenda has been stopped, I actually threw up in my mouth. This guy is so smug, arrogant and condescending he makes me ill (he reminds me of our “lame duck”). Everything is just hunky dory as long as it’s going his way. I keep wondering when the people of Tallahassee will wake up, come to their senses and stop giving people like him with his agenda the keys to our city.

    1. There is a small chance that a wake up will occur because a major number of our citizens vote, not for a platform, or because of accomplishments, but based on race as the primary, or sole, qualifier. We see, for instance, that seldom do African American candidates carry the precincts in the north part of the city, just as European American candidates do not do well in south Tallahassee. Too many of us still vote based on race. So long as one racial group dominates the voting process, that group doesn’t need a wake up, it’s already awake.

  18. Dear Mr. Soros Puppet:
    I’ll tell you exactly where HilLIARy went wrong.
    If she and her surrogates would have announced that they were shipping you out of here to Washington, she would have gotten the votes to win Florida! Heck I would have switched my “Deplorable” vote!
    Oh, and love trumps hypocracy…er, I mean hate!

  19. The Mayor, like Hillary, believes anyone who thinks different than he does is clearly misinformed. He believes his ideals are superior to ours, that conservatism is a political philosophy of the less educated and less informed in our society, that only hicks and rednecks supported Trump. He believes his and Hillary’s political philosophy is based on superior education, social awareness, and an intellectual comprehension of contemporary issues that is beyond our mental capabilities. In other words, our Mayor is a stuck up egotistical ass. Accordingly, he will go far in the Democratic Party, I just wish he would hurry up and go.

  20. If you are so concerned about the people of this city and state (and nation), why don’t you let the people decide what goes into their drinking water? Why are you (and FDEP/FDOH) continuing the fluoridation process when it’s been reclassified as a neurotoxin? You were notified of this fact before the replacement of the fluoridation system and you chose to ignore these scientific facts, putting every person consuming Tallahassee’s water at risk for illness and disease. Look up Fluoride Action Network on FB here; look at the national movement against this toxin in drinking water now. By ignoring this issue, you are violating CONSENT laws established by the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

  21. 3.65% of the voters are deplorable. That about right Andy? I am surprised you found time to write this opinion piece seeing as how you have 2 40 hour a week jobs.

  22. The ‘ideals’ he sates, ” I will choose love over hate. I will chose acceptance over intolerance. I will choose stronger together over separate and apart.”, are the actions the dems have been beating us with for 8 years…..a total shill.

  23. Another failed politician that needs to be voted out of office. Thanks for reminding us again Andrew, we’ll make sure and retire as mayor in 2018.

  24. Hmmm…only read the first two sentences before my elected mayor insulted me for choosing a different direction than one he chose. Wow! If his America includes words like these, I don’t want it. Oh wait, that’s exactly what the count just rejected!!! Accept it and move on, just like those who didn’t support Obama did in 2008 and 2012. BTW, I don’t recall such vitriol in the mainstream media and protests in our streets after Obama’s victories…think about it.

  25. I also choose to work and always have, thanks to my white privilege I was denied employement with the city of tallahassee police dept; I applied and past every test three years in a row I asked a friend at the city whats up?
    my friend John Bruton said(they are not going to hire you,you are a white male)I applied with the florida highway patrol
    and was hired but I wanted to stay in tallahassee since my family settled in tallahassee in 1824. so andrew things do not always work out like you plan

    1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that was denied for baloney reasons. Notice the psychologist that was hired on a contract (in late 2015 or early 2016) with the city didn’t even make it a year before another was found. The primary is now a secondary. Only after she denied applications to many white male veterans. Never mind she allowed plenty of snowflakes to pass who either didn’t make it through the academy or did, but didn’t pass their FTO. I really wish there was a way for people like us to get together and bring our complaint to the city en mass. Would love to see their reaction.

  26. And I don’t believe in anything that you do. Stop trying to use your position to enrich yourself, look how that worked out for Hillary’s political future!

    How about you being totally transparent and stop worrying about what you can’t control! We don’t need an empty suit as Mayor.

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