Maddox Opponents Weigh-In on Residency Decision

Maddox Opponents Weigh-In on Residency Decision

Two former opponents of City Commissioner Scott Maddox voiced their opinion on the recent decision by Judge Karen Gievers that declared Mr. Maddox is a city resident.

Bruce Strouble

Political newcomers Bruce Strouble and Luther Lee remained in the race for City Commission after Mr. Maddox decided to forego a run for Superintendent of Leon County Schools and seek re-election to City Seat 2.

Maddox won the election with 70% of the vote.

Bruce Strouble said  “They are using the November 21st date. But we had to qualify in July. This doesn’t solve the problem at all. Saying that he was a resident after qualifying period defeats the whole purpose of this going to court. I would rather she had said that he had conditional residence during the qualifying period that she felt was legal. This is a “punt.””

Luther Lee

Luther Lee said “in order to qualify for the city commission race, you have to be a city resident at the time of filing the qualifying papers (week of June 20th) so I’m not sure how November 21st is relevant but hey, I’m just a regular taxpayer so I’m certain my concerns are invalid.

Luther Lee added, “I don’t understand the purpose of having qualification rules if they don’t matter. I was surprised that they didn’t just annex his house. At least now the man can focus on what’s really important, #Senate2020.”

18 Responses to "Maddox Opponents Weigh-In on Residency Decision"

  1. Maybe it’s a “dealer’s choice” type of thing? Probably depends on which elected office you hold or plan to run for though.

  2. If disregarding this rule is ok for Scott Maddox, what rule do I get to disregard? Will it be one of my choosing? Will it be one that saves me money or one of convenience?
    First you allow someone to bend the rules, then break the rules. Keep an eye on them as the next thing you know they will bend the law and eventually break the law and cry foul if we try to hold them responsible. After all we gave them a pass before.
    No different than the Clinton’s – Scott Maddox is now given permission by the Courts to do as he pleases.

  3. In the end it’s up to the voters to punish unethical behavior by not electing people. We all know they wont so just take your licks and ask more more

  4. Modern spin on the old story of Robin Hood. He does good for some of the people, especially when compared to others in his business, thus the rules set in place to protect the people do not apply to him.
    How good do the rest of us have to be before we can get by bending or ignoring the rules?

  5. I am not saying that he is outstanding, but Maddox is the best the City of Tallahassee had to offer when comparing his agenda to that of the other commissioners. Looks like he got by on this one. The rules should either be enforced or the law about where you live needs to be changed so that the politics can be taken out of it.

  6. I guess we should be thankful that the city commission is the only office he is able to get elected to and the ad nauseam publicity does not translate to outside this small area where he is unable to get elected to anything else. At what point do the people in his own party and contributors say enough? The enablers are becoming accomplices in this farce. Maddox wins — and the truth, dignity, and citizens lose…again. Business as usual in the #1 crime rate area of the state.

  7. We’ve beat this old horse to death three times now. Let’s all just move on. The courts have made their decision. If everyone did as much good and faithful public service as Scott does, we would have one of the best cities in Florida to reside in. I say, let Scott move onward to the work he was elected to do by an overwhelming majority who trusted in him!

    1. So, Debra…the truth does not matter? I have often stated Scott is the most effective Commissioner reflecting the business interests of the private sector, but at what cost? His family does not live in the City. It is known by delivery drivers, postal workers, the IRS, Scott’s friends, Scott’s children’s friends, LCSO, and the list goes on and on. It is a joke. The judge’s ruling (an uber-liberal who is poorly rated by members of the Florida bar) is a farce – not because she ruled differently, but because she did not compel Maddox to produce evidence. Therefore evidence was never allowed to be heard. Truthfulness is the baseline for all public service – it is the north on the compass.

    2. I agree. The purpose of the law is to make sure commissioners are familiar with the town. I imagine Scott Maddox is more familiar with Tallahassee than 99% of its residents. And he was a better candidate than Mr. Lee and Mr. Strouble. There are many more important issues than this. For instance, why has the city commission been stagnant for about 6 months? The Budget Hawks proposed the idea of a economic index to peg tax rates to. I’d love to see them create that method and get it on the agenda while the city isn’t focused on anything. Maddox would probably approve of it too.

      1. The importance of the law is to make sure the commissioner has a reason to commit to serving the citizens. He only serves himself. I digress that Maddox was a better candidate and because of Maddox’s past and present dishonesty and the perpetuation of the deceit regarding residency made him the worst candidate…by far. Also, Maddox’s past record of problems and deceit only shows he has run Tallahassee into the ground and set it back 20 years. 1st in crime, CDA and utility debacles, sewage spills, supporting a city manager who robs the treasury, junkets to Manhattan, Sandestin, Amelia Island, etc. He is too busy promoting himself and hi-jinks than to be concerned about the needs of the citizens.

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