Rep. Dunn Highlights Successes and Challenges with Capital Conservatives

Rep. Dunn Highlights Successes and Challenges with Capital Conservatives

Speaking at the August monthly meeting of the Capital Conservatives, U.S. Rep. Neal Dunn from Florida’s 2nd District enthusiastically defended the record of the Republican led House of Representatives and highlighted the guiding principles of the Trump administration.

In front of a crowd of approximately 150, Dr. Dunn said he was proud of his vote to repeal and replace Obamacare. He said the misinformation spread by mainstream media about how many people would lose coverage sabotaged a process that ultimately died in the U.S Senate.

Dunn also spoke about his efforts to expand the Red Snapper season, to help with veterans issues, his votes to ease regulations that stifle economic growth and his proposed legislation entitled  “Refund Rights for Taxpayers Act”.

Dunn said the “Refund Rights for Taxpayers Act” levels the playing field for American families by giving them the same time frame as the IRS to deal with outstanding issues. Dunn said the issue was brought to light by one of his constituents who was unfairly hurt by the tax code.

Dunn told the crowd that the two guiding principles of the Trump administration is pro-national security and pro-economic growth.

He criticized the Obama administration for letting military readiness issues adversely impact U.S. national defense and foreign policy.

National Public Radio did a fact check on the military readiness issue under Obama, that in part, supports some of Dunn’s concerns.

Dunn argued that the pro-growth policies supported by Trump and measures passed by the House would be good for small businesses.

Dunn said the work of the Republican led House of Representatives has been productive and their actions have been ignored by a media that is “fascinated with Russians and tweets.”

As an example, he said that the House has passed 15 Congressional Review Act’s (CRA) and 11 of them have been passed by the U.S. Senate and signed into law. Dunn said the CRA’s have overturned some of the most burdensome regulations implemented during the Obama administration.

“But you do not read much about these efforts in the national media,” said Dunn.

Financial reform advocates argue the repeal of Obama era economic regulations will leave the U.S. economy vulnerable to another financial crisis. However, most observers do believe some tweaking of specific rules are needed.

Dunn said the country has to address the national debt by cutting spending and pushing policies that promote economic growth. He also advocated for simplifying the personal and corporate tax code.

Dunn said the members of the Trump cabinet “are extremely competent and conservative” and added that the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court “saved the constitution.”

Dunn also discussed the recent controversy over civil war monuments. He is concerned that anger aimed at the monuments is being allowed to play out without any semblance of process.

“We are seeing anger like we have never seen,” said Dunn. He also spoke of death threats he and his wife routinely receive in the mail.

He reminded the group that he and his wife got involved because they believed the country was in trouble. And he spoke about his hopeful outlook based on the fact that most incoming House members are not career politicians. He also noted that approximately two-thirds of House members have served less than six years and a large percentage are military veterans.

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  1. Great job Steve. You nailed it very well what Tep. Dunn actually said that night! We are proud of Dr. Dunn voting record and positive attitude. We are in good shape with him looking out for us!
    Thank you Steve for correctly reporting this!
    Everybody – buy Tallahassee Reports!!

  2. Thank you for an award winning article we wont see elsewhere in any local media coverage!
    That being said; we are all kind of in the mood at this time for some more red meat regarding our corruption ridden local elected, appointed, and hired officals.
    More red meat please!!!

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