Mayor Gillum Proposes Strong Ethics Rules

Mayor Gillum Proposes Strong Ethics Rules

Lost in the media’s coverage of the letter of admonishment by Tallahassee’s Independent Ethics Board to City Manager Rick Fernandez were the ethics recommendations proposed by Mayor Andrew Gillum.

The breadth and content of Gillum’s recommendations, which were discussed by the Ethics Board last week, was surprising given his previous position on various ethics initiatives.

The recommendations, listed below, address a number of controversial issues currently facing the City of Tallahassee.

For example, Gillum’s recommendations forbids campaign donations, campaign activity, and business transactions with elected officials by city vendors who do more than $5,000 in business each year with the City of Tallahassee.

TR has previously written about the relationship between campaign donors, campaign consultants, city vendors and elected officials.

In addition, the Mayor’s recommendations include fines for lobbyists and organizations that fail to register with the City of Tallahassee and a provision for an anonymous complaint process to address bullying of city employees by an elected official.

The Independent Ethics Board went through the Mayor’s recommendations and each Board member adopted a proposal to research and report back to the Ethics Board at their next meeting.

Mayor Gillum’s Ethics Recommendations


15 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Proposes Strong Ethics Rules"

  1. Don’t ask me how I know this but someone may want to ask the ‘Mayor’ what papers he was having shredded that were stored in the area of Bradfordville Blues Club.

  2. Looks like Andy may be planning on leaving the commission as we all know he cannot operate a campaign under the rules proposed.

  3. This is a little like Gillum proposing we require lifeboats after the ship’s stern is already under water.
    I dislike being so cynical, but after years of COT corruption, Gillum’s sudden embrace of Ethics Rules seems completely false.
    One has to wonder: If the FBI wasn’t here investigating and it was “business as usual” at City Hall, would Mayor Gillum still propose strong Ethics Rules? Any bets on that?

  4. What I find interesting and of further concern is that Rick Fernandez was the City Auditor before he came City Manager. If his current actions are any indication of how he performed his previous job then there is much more to uncover. The City Auditor is suppose to have the highest ethics for that job for he is the watchdog over the City’s finances. I think we need an outside audit of the City’s books.

  5. If I had to guess, I’d say this may be a precursor to a plea agreement.
    Amazing these are several of the recommendations he opposed just 30 days ago.
    I would add Andy’s protege also opposed them. What say now Gil Ziffer?

    1. I like your intuition Joe and agree with the precursor to a plea idea.
      However I am also concerned Obama sympathizers within the FBI already have a plan for Andy to walk away.
      I was thinking this “so late to the party” spew of pro ethics BS is nothing more than a disgusting glimpse into the twisted mind of a narcissist who thinks he really has a shot at the governor’s mansion.
      Or (to give Andy a few more IQ points) he may really know his Governor’s dream will not come true and somehow thinks his spew of pro ethics BS will help him extend his campaign just long enough to launder much of his campaign funds to friends like Sean Pittman who will then split the ill gotten gain with Andy.
      Whatever Andy’s reasoning all thinking people in town agree that Andy is insincere in his recent spew of pro ethics BS.

  6. Too little and too late and too insincere. The spin masters are trying to salvage the appearance of some type of an ethical initiative via Mayor Gillum. Did he do this for the forthcoming litigation to say he tried to do something – after the fact?

    Simply ridiculous – and issued during his current situation?

    Do we need to recap the laundry list of demonstrated unethical – and potentially illegal – actions from The City of Tallahassee officials at this point.

    A public record request should demonstrate who wrote this for him.

    Tallahassee Deserves Better Than This.

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