City Commission to Tackle City Manager, City Attorney Vacancies

City Commission to Tackle City Manager, City Attorney Vacancies

This Wednesday city commissioners will decide on a number of issues related to the current vacancies of the city manager and city attorney positions.

City Manager

Staff is recommending the hiring of an executive search firm that will provide support for all components of the recruitment process, from solicitation of candidates until a candidate is appointed.

City staff would work closely with the recruiter and handle many of the administrative details. It is estimated that the cost of hiring an executive search firm for the city manager recruitment would be approximately $30,000.

This approach requires each elected official to appoint one community stakeholder to participate in the recruitment process.

Also, the staff is recommending a timeline that will result in having a search firm under contract by spring with the goal of scheduling interviews in January 2019 with the estimated start date of a new city manager in March of 2019.

This means the decision on the city manager position will not take place until after November 2018 elections that could potentially result in at least three new city commissioners.

Staff anticipates that a new city manager could be on the job by no later than March of 2019.

The staff is also seeking the city commission to formalize the appointment of the Deputy City Manager to act in the capacity of Interim City Manager until a new city manager is selected by the city commission.

City Attorney

With regards to the city attorney position, city staff is seeking additional guidance and direction from the city commission.

On January 17, 2018, the city commission interviewed the three qualified candidates and and ultimately voted to bring the matter back to the city commission for further discussion.

The commissioners also discussed the possibility of hiring an executive search firm to identify further viable candidates for the position.

City Commissioner Nancy Miller has previously criticized the city attorney search process.

City staff is also asking the city commission to appoint an interim city attorney effective February 1, 2018.

2 Responses to "City Commission to Tackle City Manager, City Attorney Vacancies"

  1. Let’s hope the community stakeholder appointments are average people: they have no political aspirations, they are not a Leadership Tallahassee or Leadership Florida member, they are not on any boards at the present time, they are not a CEO or CFO of any company. Why doesn’t the city reach out to teachers, cops, nurses etc to be on this committee? that would really be DEMOCRATIC!

  2. Human Resources (Ellen Blair and Angela Hendrieth) as well as the City’s Ethics officer – Meadows-Keene and Cynthia Barber/Favors-Thompson and Goad need to be kept FAR AWAY from this City Manager selection process; for a long list of reasons. As well as all the Assistant City Managers. And keep Shelley and Jackson away, too.

    Check out the City’s successional plan from a few years ago; you’ll see why.

    Note with Ziffer backing out of the Commission (today’s Democrat headline) – that leaves 4 lame ducks emplacing the next City Manager. This scenario does not bode well for our citizenry.

    Perhaps the FBI can assist in appointing one for Tallahassee? Or consolidation with the County clears up this issue in one fell swoop?

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