Poll: Graham Leads Gillum, Putnam ahead of DeSantis

Poll: Graham Leads Gillum, Putnam ahead of DeSantis

A  poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy shows Gwen Graham and Adam Putnam are the current front runners in their respective primary races for Florida governor.

However, the leaders both maintain only slight leads and about half of Democratic primary voters and 43 percent of Republican primary voters remain undecided.

The polls were conducted between Jan. 29 to Feb. 1 of 500 likely Democratic voters and 500 likely Republican voters.

For the Democrats, former Tallahassee congresswoman Graham leads Miami Beach mayor Phil Levine by 20-17 percent. Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum holds only 10 percent support from perspective primary voters.

For the Republicans, state Agriculture Commissioner Putnam leads Rep. Ron DeSantis by 27-23 percent. Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran trails with only 7 percent support but has yet to officially announce his campaign.

Writing about the poll results, Marc Caputo of Politico explained that the two primaries have similar dynamics. Both front runners hail from connected Florida families and poll results determined them both to be better known than liked.

Also, both of their closest rivals were recently relatively unknown. Levine has gained name recognition from a $2.3 million media blitz paid for with his own personal fortune, and DeSantis, through an endorsement from President Trump, has spent months doing multiple TV appearances on Fox.

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  1. It seems to me that the best way to ‘drain the swamp’ is to have open primaries so that a third party candidate has a chance to defeat the two-party ‘good-ole-boy’ network.

  2. The Democrooks are desperate to turn Florida into a Blue state, and you can bet a pint of your own blood they’ll be trying to get the thousands of newly-arrived expatriate Puerto Ricans to vote Democrat in the 2018 midterms and FL governor’s election. I hope both Gwen and Gillum waste millions on trying to get elected – when Dems waste big money on losing campaigns, I cheer.

    As much as I think many (not all) Republicans are Swamp Creatures or Swamp wanna-bees just as Dems are, I’ll vote straight R in the governor’s race and midterms to keep the Democrooks out of power. America languished profoundly for 8 years under Democrook rule (as Tallahassee still is). If Hillary had won, it would be almost Game Over by now for the America we grew up with – all these plots of the obama-Clinton era would never have been uncovered, and they are probably only the iceberg tip. I want to see them go to jail even more than our local elected racketeers.

    So if you care about Tallahassee or Florida or America, you can either vote for the party whose only priority is “Resistance” (to what, America’s success?) or for the party that’s giving you (thanks to Trump) a roaring economy, low unemployment, less illegal “immigration” (an oxymoron if there ever was one), low taxes, and a stronger military. Don’t help the Dems turn Florida into the East Coast version of California.

  3. Your Medical Minute:
    That fat roll running across Gillum’s forehead, visible in the pic above, is the cause of his wrong thinking ways. The ring (or crown of fat as we refer to it in the brain surgeon profession) encircles his entire head, thus putting undue pressure on Gillum’s brain, causing the patient to experience an abnormal lefty liberal thought pattern of total brain dysfunction.
    Dr. Snydely recommends a liposuction procedure to remove the crown of fat. This simple in office procedure will relive the abnormal brain pressure and restore a normal conservative thought pattern to the patient’s brain.
    Typically (within in the brain surgeon profession) this condition is known as the fat-head syndrome. However we are working on a more politically correct terminology since the condition effects mostly Democrats and RINO Republicans.

  4. Frankly, I’m thinking of registering as a Dummycrat so I can vote for Gillum in the primary.
    DeSantis (or Putnam) would clean his clock in the general. Would be much tougher to beat Gwen there.
    A friend up north employed this tactic in an open primary state by voting for Trump in the presidential primary, for the same reason. Except that it backfired on him in the general…

  5. Listen to the candidates individually, never mind, their family ties mean nothing. I would listen carefully to DeSantis, he’s a good, right, moral and decent choice. Keep draining the swamp! And hopefully Scott will become our US Senator, Lord knows we need one…!!!

  6. So all of those out of state dollars (Soros, Soros, Lear, Fonda, and such) and his constant campaigning have not delivered a great R.O.I.
    Bummer……NOT REALLY!

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