Commissioner Nancy Miller and Others Vote to Keep Paige Carter-Smith at DIA

Commissioner Nancy Miller and Others Vote to Keep Paige Carter-Smith at DIA

With a 4-3 vote, the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority (DIA) moved to retain Paige Carter-Smith as the CEO. The DIA attorney will gather more information and revisit the topic at the next meeting.

Carter-Smith was named in a probable cause affidavit search warrant which was recently issued in the corruption investigation into city hall activities. The probable cause affidavit alleged City Commissioner Scott Maddox was accepting bribes via Carter-Smith’s consulting company, Governance Inc.

Downtown Improvement Authority Meeting

During the public speaking section of the meeting, Dr. Erwin Jackson, Barney Bishop, and David Ericks addressed the board.

The speakers noted the difficulties the Board was facing with the corruption investigation and the absences of some members.

Leon County Commissioner John Dailey, and DIA members Chris Dudley and Cynthia Tunnicliff voted against the motion to delay action.

Dailey argued that there needed to be some kind of separation between Carter-Smith and the DIA.

Among those voting to keep Carter-Smith was City Commissioner Nancy Miller. This vote comes days after Miller told local media that the allegations laid out in an FBI search warrant was “not good for Scott. It’s not good for Paige and it’s certainly not good for the city as a whole.”

Also, TR has recently written about Miller’s connections with Governance and Carter-Smith.

Others voting to keep Carter-Smith on the DIA included Claudia Davant, Bill Moor and Scott Dick.

Check back for updates.

Greg Marr Jr. of Freedom 93.3 contributed to this report.

13 Responses to "Commissioner Nancy Miller and Others Vote to Keep Paige Carter-Smith at DIA"

  1. All ‘CONTRIBUTIONS’ aka Blood Money – via Go-VERMIN-ce need to be tracked. Gillum knew this was ill extorted funds via Maddox, he just didn’t think he’d be called on it. Hence the return of funds. Just another example.

    Whoops sorry FBI – you’ve got this covered…

  2. Pleased to see at least one elected official (Dailey) try to do the right thing on behalf of the citizens, Nancy Miller is of course part of this troupe and part of the problem so no surprise there. Perhaps the threat of the citizen members being found complicit would change their perspective on this decision. CRA, DIA, shut them all down and start over.

    1. Good comments everyone,
      For a hot minute a week or so back Nancy appeared to be making a few disparaging remarks against some of her fellow usual suspects. So I thought maybe Nancy knows she’s so busted and trying to distance herself from the Dark Side.
      Now we see that was not true at all and it was just the “B” in Nancy lashing out at whomsoever was in her space at the moment.
      Nancy’s vote in favor of Page C. Smith AKA the Maddox Mistress shows she’s still a corrupt card carrying member of the Dark Side.

  3. So, please take just a minute (25 seconds actually) to go to the presented video on the Democrat on this meeting and look at the succinct presentatin of Erwin Jackson from the time mark 2:35 – 3:00 with NANCY MILLER directly to his right. Jackson presents that the FBI is investigating 3 Mayors of Tallahassee simultaneously: Former Mayor Scott Maddox, Former Mayor John Marks and current Mayor Andrew Gillum. Oh and of course – Ms. Paige Carter-Smith. Think about this statement.

    The tip of the iceberg is surfacing; and then NANCY MILLER votes (which is a pivotal vote 4 to 3) to keep Paige Carter-Smith with the sage guidance of the City of Tallahassee LEGAL (remember Cassandra Jackson OF COT is in charge now): via COT Attorney Lou Norville; really? Good work City of Tallahassee. Dig deeper.

    Leon County – it’s a very slippery slope; and the stakes getting higher by the day. Good vote, with questionable diplomacy – Mr. Dailey.

    Your DIA group will have ample opportunity to reflect on this vote – and this video – as indictments are handed down and as jail sentences are issued.

    FBI – additional intent demonstrated on one City Commissioner’s part; backed by City of Tallahassee Legal.

    See how this game is played?

    1. I hope that Rocky Hanna understands that his admission to the school board attorney former the President of the Florida Bar, Hank Coxe, that he authored the misleading summaries and sent them to federal and local authorities is at some point we going to be investigated.

  4. Tallahassee will never heal unless we get rid of all these current elected officials. We need a consolidated government and an appointed superintendent. Our current school board needs to be replaced with parents that care about hiring a professional educator to run our schools.

  5. I can believe it. Tallahassee has a very strange and short memory. We have a Superintendent who fabricated tales to local and federal authorities, cost taxpayers $600,000, all the while he did not pay child support for 10 years but he was dating teachers he evaluated, yet we elected him to lead a school system. Welcome to the land of the strange and embarrassing.

    1. The rag’s story says the vote was to DELAY a decision on retaining PCS.
      This story says the vote was to keep her.
      Goes to show how two people can see the same thing and come away with different takes.
      Kinda like “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

      1. There was nothing said by the majority that would indicate Carter-Smith would be going anywhere unless she was indicted. And even that is not a sure thing. One PCS supporter said she was innocent until proven guilty, which means an indictment might not change her vote.

        1. So the Democrap’s story was misleading?
          “I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find misinformation is going on there!” (apologies to Claude Rains)

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