City Seeks State Grant for Solar-Powered Charging Stations

City Seeks State Grant for Solar-Powered Charging Stations

The City Commission voted to submit an application to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for a grant to install public solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations at several locations downtown.

If the grant is approved, the city will be responsible for providing at least 20% in matching funds. The City claims it can use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels already owned and in stock to cover the cost share requirement.

The charging stations will be located in lots owned by the City and operated by Republic Parking Service and will be visible to community members, legislators, and visitors to the state capitol, thus promoting emissions-free electric vehicles powered by renewable energy, which supports the City’s alternative energy initiatives.

The project will involve installation of the off-the-shelf charging stations, construction of the infrastructure around the stations, promotion of the stations, analysis of pricing structures, and impact of distributed energy technology on the grid. The fiscal impact of this project to the City has not yet been determined.

The grant was issued in January with approximately $750,000 in funds available statewide for projects that increase energy efficiency for vehicles and commercial buildings.

2 Responses to "City Seeks State Grant for Solar-Powered Charging Stations"

  1. Is this another free service that taxpayers will be footing the bill for or will the users be charged a fee for the service just like when you buy gas?

    1. Whopeeee…another free service to benefit a select few elite…at the expense of us all..

      “The fiscal impact of this project to the City has not yet been determined.” This sentence tells you they dont care what it cost, and besides the cost is so low it’s not material. They can just add a penny or two to everyones electricity bill.

      But what is not mentioned is whether there is enough electric vehicle traffic downtown creating demand for this. I rarely see a vehicle at any charging station…anywhere.

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