Fritz Runs for City Commission Seat 5, Proposes Policy Changes

Fritz Runs for City Commission Seat 5, Proposes Policy Changes

Emily Fritz has joined the ranks of new comers running for the Tallahassee City Commission. She originally planned to run for Seat 3 held by Nancy Miller but decided Seat 5 was a better fit for her when Gil Ziffer decided not to run again for his seat or for mayor.

The retired Executive Director for the Florida Optometric Association said her 30 years in the private sector and 10 in state government provided her the skills and ethics needed to lead Tallahassee out of the turbulent times it finds itself in.

Fritz said she is concerned about the city. “We need to bring ethics back to the city commission and address the problems and mismanagement which have (plagued) City Hall for many years.”

She said, “The status quo has a lot of problems that have come to light. (This year’s election) is an opportunity (for Tallahassee) to start with a clean slate.”

Fritz wants to restore the public’s confidence in city government by amending its ethics policy for stronger enforcement. She wants to prohibit political contributions from vendors during the bidding process and while contract negotiations are taking place.

She also wants to hire a new city manager who will enforce the ethics policy, establish workforce accountability, and institute performance measures.

Another priority for Fritz is reducing crime in a city which has led the state in violent crime for the last three years. She wants to improve lighting in high crime areas, place decals on cars in high crime areas to identify owners, create a police substation on south side and increase community policing procedures.

Fritz also wants to give the people a greater voice at City Hall by eliminating the 30-minute restriction for citizens to speak on agenda items. She would also create a citizens’ segment on WCOT TV for the public to submit videos on agenda items.

 She would also work to save taxpayers’ hard-earned money by reviewing each department for efficiencies and requiring justification for expenses. She would also create a citizen budget committee.

She has created a website for her campaign at

4 Responses to "Fritz Runs for City Commission Seat 5, Proposes Policy Changes"

  1. Gotta clean up city hall !! Every candidate is running on the same issue. But do they really know the details? Are they able to provide specifics, such as exactly what in the ethics code does she intend to change and how is she going to do it? What will it require to get it done? Don’t let candidates get away with just saying, “we need a new city commission.” Because they think it doesn’t mean they are the right person to really get it done.

  2. Alex couldn’t agree with you more. If she doesn’t bring different rhetoric to the table it’s same ole novice political play book! Save your precious vote for someone who deserves it! Emily Fritz not ready!

  3. Emily is a good person. She means well but this is the same noise we have heard from candidates since the 1980’s. We need to hear more “how” than “what”. It is time to tell city vendors that your money and gifts are no longer allowed. It is time to change all top city staff and start over. It will take time and hurt for a while. The current model is so broken that it cannot be fixed. It has to be reinvented. Do this Emily and you have my vote.

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