Did Dustin Daniels Record a Campaign Ad with Anita Favors?

Did Dustin Daniels Record a Campaign Ad with Anita Favors?

It is hard to keep a secret in Tallahassee.

Especially if you are filming a video in front of city hall within view of the politicos trading war stories about the recently completed legislative session outside of the Governor’s Club.

This is even more complicated if the video production is being over seen by Kevin Cate and stars Audra Pittman, former City Manager Anita Favors-Thompson and Dustin Daniels – Mayor Gillum’s chief of staff.

Tallahassee Reports was told by several people this was the scene in front of city hall Friday afternoon.

Kevin Cate is a communications consultant for Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial candidacy.

Audra Pittman is the Executive Director of COCA – the Council on Culture & Arts – and the wife of local attorney and political consultant Sean Pittman.

These people also claim that the contingent of insider local politicos gathered in front of city hall were making a video for the eventual Dustin Daniels campaign for city commission.

They also note that if this the case, Daniels is following the roll out of his boss’s camapign by violating campaign laws.

Back in March of 2017, Gillum made a campaign video for his gubernatorial candidacy before filing the proper campaign paperwork.

Under Florida statute, a potential candidate is generally prohibited from accepting political contributions or making expenditures for a future campaign until that person has opened a campaign account.

Politico reported that the Gillum ad was made well before a campaign account was opened.

Currently there is no record of a campaign account for Dustin Daniels – maybe he filed late today.

If not and if there is an eventual Daniels candidacy be ready for some one to file an elections complaint.

10 Responses to "Did Dustin Daniels Record a Campaign Ad with Anita Favors?"

  1. Hey Steve – ask Jackie Pons about the stunt Dustin pulled trying to force the then superintendent to hire his girlfriend at Roberts Elementary School. He told Jackie that the mayor would not come out to support him for re-election UNLESS his girlfriend was guaranteed placement at Roberts. Oh, and there are text messages detailing this DEMAND from Dustin. Guess who didn’t get the job and guess who didn’t endorse Jackie?

  2. Andrew Gillum took two shits this morning see the outrage on Tallahasseereports.com! Just admit you’re mad the mayor is black. It’s the same kind of fake outrage clickbait garbage you idiots always post.

    1. This is not a black\ white issue. It is a right\wrong issue. COT is out of control for selfish reasons. The.proof is just around the corner. Snoke put down your smoke and get ready for justice. PEACE my friend.

    2. Typical illiberal comment…profanity, race baiting, and foolishness. The fact it is a likely violation of campaign law means nothing, of course. Look, “Snoke”…I can only speak for myself – I am mad Gillum is Mayor. I could not give a rat’s rear end whether he is black, white, male or female. He is a coward. When asked about his work for People for The American Way and how it may impact his job as mayor should he get elected (a pretty reasonable question), he dashed off an emailed threat of legal action (a great story that little note is) and has refused to take questions from anyone other than fans ever since.

      He has been part of the ruination of City Hall (following the great example of Scott Maddox and John Marks who started the unethical, illegal(?) conduct). Even among Democrats Tallahassee City government is an embarrassment. As for the “clickbait garbage” – you mean the kind the FBI issued subpoenas and obtained hundreds of thousands of documents “garbage?” What you struggle with is that the stories in TR are fact based on public record documents. Unlike, say the Tallahassee Democrat, inside TR Op/Eds are so marked. The articles are filled with reporting, something folks like you choose to ignore.

  3. Well with Andy, Nancy, Scott and Gil going away soon, they have to be planning for succession. The swamp must go on…Who will step up to do the local insiders bidding? opportunities await!

  4. Are you sure it was a for an upcoming campaign ad?
    Sounds more like a commercial for SafeTouch, featuring “Crooks R Us.”

  5. What do these people have in common?

    Sean Pittman
    John Marks
    Scott Maddox
    Andrew Gillum
    Adam Corey
    Dustin Daniels

    They’ll all be neighbors in Cell Block C! Hope they sell Earth Wind & Fire CDs in the commissary! Lock ’em up!

  6. Good work Steve? Lets not forget that Marks and Favors and Pittman helped dig the current septic tank called city hall. Gilliam and others were taught to swim in crap by them. We need to clean house this next election cycle.

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