Leon County Commissioner John Dailey Announces for Mayor

Leon County Commissioner John Dailey Announces for Mayor

Leon County Commissioner John Dailey announced today he will be running for Mayor of Tallahassee.

Dailey spoke with the Tallahassee Democrat about his decision and confirmed his plans with WCTV. Media reports indicate he will file his campaign paperwork on Monday.

Dailey had filed to run for a fourth term in District 3 seat last month. He has served on the County Commission since 2006.

Over the last year Dailey has been in the news for several relevant policy and political decisions.

Just under a year ago, he was one of the first local officials to endorse Gwen Graham in Florida’s race for governor.

In December 2017, Dailey provided an impassioned directive to County staff to think bold about the use of solar power during the acceptance of the County’s climate action plan.

Just this past week, Daily voted in support of a ballot initiative for the creation of a new taxing authority for children services. He also voted for new restrictions on gun purchases. Both votes were supported by all seven Commissioners.

Upon Dailey’s announcement, Tallahassee Democrat’s Jeff Burlew told readers Dailey was” dapper and influential.”

Burlew did not tell his readers about Dailey’s financial ties to the Florida League of Cities. The City of Tallahassee is a member of the League of Cities and paid $25,000 in dues in 2017.

Listed on Dailey’s 2016 financial disclosure -the most recent report available – as a primary source of income is JDA Strategies, LLC.  The annual amount of income listed for JDA Strategies is $82,500. What is not listed is who paid JDA Strategies.

However, press accounts indicate JDA Strategies is paid by the Florida League of Cities.

The Tallahassee Democrat wrote in December 2015 that “John Dailey, president of JDA Strategies who has been working with the League of Cities for over a decade..”

Tallahassee Report’s Karen Murphy wrote in April 2017  that Commissioner John Dailey “is President of JDA Strategies, LLC a public policy research and development consulting firm, where he is a consultant for the Florida League of Cities.”

When reached late Friday, Dailey indicated he would offer comments to TR next week.

Joe West and Erik David have previously filed to run for mayor.

14 Responses to "Leon County Commissioner John Dailey Announces for Mayor"

  1. He’s a sitting county commissioner that gets paid $77,000 from the county for a “part-time” job and $82,500 from consulting for JDA who is paid by the FLC who was paid $25,000 from the city.

    “John began his professional career at the Florida League of Cities where he worked on legislative and regulatory issues involving local governance. In 2001, he went to work for the National League of Cities in Washington, DC, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing local governments; issues as diverse as economic development and community redevelopment to criminal justice and public safety.”

    If he’s not a lifetime career insider, then I don’t know who is. #draintheswamp

    “Public servant” my butt.

  2. Just another Tallahassee politician looking out for their own self interests. Don’t forget Dailey (and his wife) was the ones who made that really big push for sidewalks a few years ago. They were desperate to get a sidewalk in front of their house, in an affluent area, even though the rest of the residents didn’t want the sidewalk. They lobbied the city hard for months, until it all backfired and when other city residents in more need of sidewalks rose a stink.

    If he wins, I wonder how soon a sidewalk will be built

  3. Mike, follow the money. Look at his campaign donor list for all his terms in office. He is an insider who has done very well. The only difference is his gift of gab (BS) and those beautiful liberal bow ties.

    1. Alex, that doesn’t surprise me at all.
      Just on basic principle I’d never vote for a Liberal like Dailey. Every example around America and the world where Liberals (Socialists is a parallel term) are governing is either failing or has failed. That includes:
      Cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Baltimore
      States: New York, California, Illinois
      Countries: Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea
      Tallahassee, if it continues on it’s present grip of a systemically corrupt Liberal city government, may at some point make the above “Cities” list, but my vote will always be to elect Conservatives and get rid of any longtime insiders, including RINOS.

  4. John Dailey is an excellent candidate for Mayor. He is a natural leader that takes the time to understand issues from all sides. I think we would be well-represented if he prevailed in the race.

  5. Anyone who endorses Gwen Graham for Governor is either kissing up in the Dem party (the likely ploy for Mr. Dailey) and has a severe misunderstanding of what it requires to run a responsible government (translation: ethical and economically prosperous via private sector growth) .
    I can’t possibly vote for anyone who can’t see those two simple things. We had 8 years of democrat rule over America – 8 years of severe decline. We don’t need Florida to repeat that sad history – ever. We already have California as a harsh example.
    I’ll place bets that Mr. Dailey soon refuses to talk with TR, if he hasn’t already.

    1. In Tallahassee where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1… we can assume our next Mayor will be Liberal…I’m just hoping they’ll be honest!

  6. As a candidate for Mayor of Tallahassee, one of my primary goals is to bring transparency to all matters involving City expenditures and the relationship of those expenditures to City of Tallahassee Commissioners, Appointees and Staff. This is just another example of the need for new UNCONNECTED leadership.

  7. Is the author of the article insinuating there is something sinister with being associated with the the Florida League of Cities?

    1. Nothing sinister with being associated with Fl League of Cities. However, being paid by League of Cities while being Mayor of a city that pays League of Cities dues may be an issue.

    2. We pay city and county property taxes. The city pays FLC $25,000 in dues. So, Dailey ends up getting paid by our taxes AND by FLC.

      Dapper, Double-Dipping Dailey.

      I recall a Democrat mayor or two named Dailey up in Chicago. We don’t need another Dailey Machine.

      1. Dapper Double Dipping Daily! Now that is funny! But it raises a very important point- “A mayor cannot take money from a city lobbyist.”

        I am looking forward to hear how John plans to address this obvious conflict!

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