Emily Fritz Moves from City to County Commission Race

Emily Fritz Moves from City to County Commission Race

The first political domino fell today after Leon County Commissioner John Dailey filed to run for mayor of Tallahassee on Monday.

Emily Fritz, who was set to run for city commission seat 5, has decided to run for Leon County Commission District 3. The seat is being vacated by Dailey.

“A county district level seat is appealing, because it affords the opportunity to develop closer relationships with my constituents. In a district seat, your constituents really are your neighbors, which I believe empowers my ability to serve,” says Fritz.

Fritz worked 30 years in private sector positions and 10 years in state government. Her career began as a clinical dietitian and includes medical sales, managed care, and association management.

She retired in 2016 from a statewide professional association where she served as Executive Director.

Fritz has served on the boards of the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA), the American Cancer Society, The Florida Foundation for Indigent Guardianship, and the Friends of the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library.

She chaired the Leon County School Health Advisory Committee and served on the Capital Area Healthy Start Case Review Team. She is a graduate of Leadership Tallahassee and the Citizens Police and Fire Academies.

Fritz said her priorities will be public safety, restoring trust in local government, accountability of outsourced programs and contracts, and saving taxpayers’ hard earned money.

Two candidates remain in the race for city commission seat 5. They are Dianne Williams-Cox and Bob Lotane.

6 Responses to "Emily Fritz Moves from City to County Commission Race"

  1. Emily Fritz is a nonpartisan (no-party) Democrat, not a Republican!! She just left our house while campaigning in near 100-degree heat. I hate clueless blowholes who babble on about nothing …WhiskeyTango…
    She’s got my vote!

  2. She’s a Republican! But, actually, she is an opportunist. The issues of the county and the city are mostly different, and the casual way she switches races indicates to me she had no particular commitment to any city issues, just a desire to win. A candidate with such an absence of commitment has no depth, no mission. A commissioner without a fire in the belly will lack the grit to be a strong voice. If a candidate doesn’t stand for anything other than getting elected, he, or she, doesn’t get my vote.

  3. Looks like her webmaster better get busy – it’s still entirely geared towards her Seat 5 city candidacy.
    Couldn’t find her party affiliation.

  4. Why does her party matter? That is what is wrong with this county! Now, of course, Rick Minor has also switched to that race.

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