City Commission Candidate Lisa Brown Addresses Potential Conflicts

City Commission Candidate Lisa Brown Addresses Potential Conflicts

Tallahassee city commission candidate Lisa Brown said that the potential conflicts recently reported in a Tallahassee Reports article would be addressed at a Tallahassee Leon Federal Credit Union (TLFCU) board meeting scheduled for April 20th.

TR reported that members of the TLFCU board included Dustin Daniels and Ben Pingree.

Dustin Daniels, the former chief of staff for Mayor Andrew Gillum as of March 21, 2018, is currently considering a run for local office.

Pingree, in his role as a local government official, reports to the Intergovernmental Agency (IA) where city and county elected officials sit jointly.

Pingree is responsible for the management and oversight of Planning, Land Management, and Community Enhancement departments, including the nearly $1 billion “Blueprint 2020” program.

In an interview, Brown acknowledged the potential for conflicts given the current situation and said the issue will be addressed at the April 20th board meeting.

Ms. Brown also said that she is exploring the possibility of asking for guidance from the Florida Commission on Ethics.

In addition, Ms. Brown told TR she would be resigning for the city’s citizen advisory board for utilities. She was as appointed to the board by former city manager Rick Fernandez.

9 Responses to "City Commission Candidate Lisa Brown Addresses Potential Conflicts"

  1. She has much too close professional relationships with some very questionable people who are connected to the mayor, currently serving city commissioners and senior city staff.. If it’s true that your friends are a reflection of yourself, Ms. Brown will just be a continuation of the problems our city now faces. Especially concerning to me is that she seemed to have no prior realization of the potential for conflict with her current position, or she was hoping nobody would make an issue of it. Either possibility indicates a lack of comprehension of high ethical standards.

  2. The BluePrint 2000/2020 is an abomination of questionable management, single purpose expenditure of tax payer monies for bike trails, greenways, walking trails, and expensive to maintain median plantings, parks for the multitude that never use them, with connections to every non destination in the city/county that can be dreamed up by the snowflakes/moonbeams that run it (the 7.5 million $ Monroe Street bridge at the RR tracks )
    and are used by less than 10% of the population!! How about widening some traffic choked arterial connectors that benefit ALL of the tax paying community ??? But the voting citizens keep funding same, a fact no one will ever understand !!

  3. She’s going to address this at a board meeting of her board? She can’t say anything in the meantime? Is this meeting open to the public? Is the press allowed?

    Will she release a statement to us lowly citizens after the meeting? This is insider bs at its best. When are we going to know what she is going to do with the contractors on her board, the city employees, her political consultant that doesn’t register to lobby and still cuts a six figure check yearly from the city managers office?

    Would love some answers IN THE PUBLIC about these questions. If she lied about her running, we can certainly bet she’ll lie about her private meetings about these conflicts.

  4. Well it is interrsting she’s gonna address potential conflicts.
    But did she get drunk in Adam Cores’s Sky Box and how many times?

  5. Question- how much in deposit funds does the CU have in COT and other related government related bank accounts?

  6. Also, please address the following:

    Who approved the expenditure for the recent promotional video?
    Who produced the video? How much did it cost?
    Why is the video so closely associated with your campaign? FEC violations?
    The credit union members and public would like to see an accounting of how recent grants were dispersed? Were any grant funds spent on travel, promotional videos, etc?
    Who approved insurance solicitations that TLFCU sends out? Do you or the members receive any benefit? Are you or any board members profiting in any way from the solicitations? Explain the entire solicitation process and is it approved by banking and insurance regulators?

    Just to name several issues that are in need of full accounting and explanations.

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