Dozier and Richardson Differ on Impact of Corruption Investigation on Business Recruitment

Dozier and Richardson Differ on Impact of Corruption Investigation on Business Recruitment

At the monthly NEBA luncheon, Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier and City Commissioner Curtis Richardson found themselves on the opposite side of a question about the impact of Tallahassee’s corruption investigation on business recruitment.

Michael Tentnowski, Director of Entrepreneurship at Innovation Park, was invited to speak to the business group about how the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is positioned to drive economic growth.

One of the questions posed by the NEBA moderator addressed the impact of the local political climate/corruption/FBI investigation on recruiting businesses to Tallahassee.

Dozier and Richardson, who were invited by NEBA as guests, weighed in on the question.

Ms. Dozier said she believed that the corruption investigation was having a negative impact on business recruitment.

However, Commissioner Richardson stated, in a defiant tone, “there is not a corruption problem at city hall.” Richardson noted there is one FBI investigation of one city commissioner and there has been no indictments.

Several NEBA members voiced concern about Richardson ignoring media reports about questionable activities by city officials.

For example, over the last 18 months Tallahassee City Manager Rick Fernandez has resigned, Mayor Andrew Gillum reimbursed the city $5,000 for the campaign use of city resources, a city audit found an appearance of conflict related to contracts awarded to members of Commissioner Nancy Miller’s family, and a recent investigation found city employees took skybox football tickets from Mr. Fernandez.

Also, reporting on the FBI investigation revealed that at least two members of the city commission have traveled to vacation destinations with city vendors, city lobbyists, and undercover FBI agents posing as developers seeking to do business in Tallahassee.

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  1. Glad to see at least one of our elected officials notices a problem. Not sure what Commissioner Richardson is looking at, but there is a definite problem with corruption in City Hall. I believe it does have a huge impact on businesses wanting to move to Tallahassee. Between corruption, crime, education, etc., Tallahassee is becoming a not so nice town. I have lived here 99.99% of my life, and will probably remain here for the remainder, but things need to change. If we want to grow our community, we must do the things necessary to rectify the issues we are facing.

  2. From a good source, gillum had some of his records shredded at a location around Bradfordville Blues Club…by a city employee.

  3. I agree with Preston about Curtis being as decent as a Democrat can be – bless his heart. In full disclosure I stole that “bless his heart” from Greg Marr Jr.
    However Curtis must not realize that when the indictments start to drop there is no local political/media machine capable of whitewashing the big stinky stuff like Hillary and the other dirty national politicians have enjoyed.
    It’s too late now for Curtis to flip flop and be taken as sincere if he begins to trash Maddox, Fernandez, Goad, and the rest of the weasels.
    I suggest Curtis consider that he needs to put his political ambitions aside and try to get a desk job at the City to finish out his working years and collect the best retirement possible.
    Seriously Curtis your career path forward is to take a job answering calls in the COT utility call center or whatever you can get.

  4. Curtis, by all accounts, is a decent and honest man. I think his political philosophies are absurd, but I can live with honesty. However, he has stood silently as unethical (at best) and, potentially, criminal (at worst) actions by fellow commissioners and senior staff took place. For that, he should be held accountable.

    1. Richardson is guilty by association; wrong place, wrong time, doing the wrong thing and definitely with the wrong people. Decent person or not. He needs to be leaving the City, too – so that a clean slate and new beginning and ethical governance can evolve. Just recently: Richardson voted for Cassandra Jackson, his handling of Fernandez was pathetic, he’s supportive of Goad’s current football ticket debacle and of course we can go on and on. He has asked no difficult questions; he has held no one accountable and is apparently supportive of the self-entitlement theme. He is in a position to do have done something and has chosen not too. Please tell me exactly what he HAS done? Tallahassee deserves better than this.

      Curtis weigh in and tell us what you feel you’ve actuall done?

  5. What is Comm. Richardson thinking? Has he been out of the country for the last year? Is he still thinking about running for Mayor?

  6. If Mr. Richardson is not guilty of past corruption…he will be cast in that lot if he acts like it doesn’t exist…and condones the actions of those that get caught.

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