Costa Rica: Another Gillum Trip with Adam Corey & Sean Pittman

Costa Rica: Another Gillum Trip with Adam Corey & Sean Pittman

Tallahassee Reports has learned that in May 2016 Mayor Andrew Gillum traveled to Costa Rica with Adam Corey and Sean Pittman. At the time of the trip both Corey and Pittman were involved with businesses that had contracts with the City of Tallahassee.

In addition, Corey was a registered lobbyist with the city of Tallahassee.

The trip has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Sources have told TR that the travelers included Andrew Gillum, Jai Gillum, Sean Pittman, Audra Pittman, Adam Corey, Austin Rain, Cody Schwartz, Darcie Morningstar and Mary Kucek.

Sources also say Ms. Kusek worked with Computer Aid Inc., which hired Corey’s firm to lobby the city of Tallahassee during 2015 and 2016. At the time of the trip, Corey’s lobbying business -Unconventional Strategies – was actively seeking business with the city of Tallahassee for Compute Aid Inc.

From L to R, Dustin Daniels, Mayor Gillum, unknown person, Adam Corey, and Sean Pittman in Pittsburgh.

Previous reports indicate Gillum has a history of traveling with Corey and/or Pittman.

In February, 2015 TR broke a story about a Gillum trip to Pittsurgh that took place in January, 2015, which included Corey, Pittman and current mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels.

The Tallahassee Democrat followed up with a story and reported that the trip was not an official city trip and no city dollars were used. Daniels retroactively took a vacation day after reports about the trip went public.

In August 2017, TR broke a story about a Gillum trip to Tampa which took place in February, 2016. The trip included Adam Corey and Dustin Daniels. The trio flew on a private plan owned by a developer with an interest in doing business with the City of Tallahassee.

The Tallahassee Democrat followed up with a story and reported that the Mayor Gillum paid for the Tampa trip out of his office account, which can only be used for official business related to his office.

Also, in August 2017, TR broke details about a Gillum trip to New York city  which took place August, 2016. The trip included Corey, developers that are now believed to have been undercover FBI agents and Gillum’s brother, Marcus. Gillum has yet to say who paid for anything on the trip.

Florida law requires public officials to disclose gifts from lobbyists with a value over $100. None of Gillum’s gift disclosure forms obtained by TR mention anything about the trips outlined above.

In the limited public comments made by Gillum about his travels with city vendors, lobbyists and developers, Gillum shows little concern about the perception and/or the possiblity of conflicts of interest. For example, referring to the New York trip, Gillum told WCTV , “It was frankly a couple of friends getting together.”

WCTV reporter Mariel Carbone broke the initial story about the New York trip.

10 Responses to "Costa Rica: Another Gillum Trip with Adam Corey & Sean Pittman"

  1. Snarky comments & ugly innuendos just make folks forget the real issues. These guys are all crooks…period! How many folks have put that in print, have said so in public, have called them crooks to their faces at City Commission meetings? Any of the crooks filing law suits for a person or entity slandering or demeaning their character? NO! Because they can’t fight the facts! They live well on taxpayer money and are planning to do so as long as possible. They do believe they are above the law but even more so they count on their constituents to continue to allow them to be crooks they are. I just get crazy thinking how the hell do you fix stupid….well you can’t.
    But what you can do is continue to call these crooks out. Support TR for breaking real news, for being a part of our community that does not care what party affiliation one has, you break the law & you will see your name in the headlines…just not the TD headlines.
    Elections have consequences and the COT is paying the price for voters making the choice to keep the crooks in office. And btw, don’t be surprised if we hear Andy has cut the deal of a lifetime with the FBI.

  2. Wow…his wife wife was with him, so why u have to try to make things up and LIE….Doesnt trump do enough for whereone…..

  3. I can assure you it was not anything remotely close to sex tourists trip. It is slanderous to insinuate such a thing, simply because you saw something online about it. That is just stupid. I am not a fan of Corey’s, but saying such a thing can be hurtful to their families or children. Have you been to Costa Rica? I have and I brought a women….my wife!!!!!! For God’s sake, get it together.

    1. I agree with your reaction. Let’s keep our eye on what matters…this trip appears to be another in a long list of trips the “Mayor” has taken with lobbyists without appropriate disclosure.

    2. Sorry about your feelings. Please dont fire me like Roseann and please dont not fire me like Samantha B.

  4. Costa Rica has a massive sex tourist industry. Typically men tell their wives they are going on a “fishing” trip with their friends.
    Google it.
    Yeah they took a few ladies on their Costa trip.
    Does that prove it was not a sex tourist trip?

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