Bernie Sanders Endorses Andrew Gillum in Governor’s Race

3 Responses to "Bernie Sanders Endorses Andrew Gillum in Governor’s Race"

  1. Heard a few soundbites from Gillum’s latest debate after being endorsed by proudly socialist Bernie.
    Gillum sounds like an enthusiastic cross between Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (another proud Socialist). Next he’ll be screeching “Abolish ICE!” if he hasn’t already.
    Please keep all your talk up, Andy – the farther left you go, the more offstage and fringe you become as a candidate. The terribly sad thing is we’re still stuck with you being in Tallahassee. I think Berkeley CA, Chicago or New York City would be happy to have you, and Tallahassee would be happy for you to go.

  2. I just learned more about the policy positions of Andrew Gillum in a tweet from Bernie Sanders than he’s ever admitted to the people of Tallahassee! In other words…he’s a socialist, but has never said so. If by some miracle he wins the primary… Bernie’s tweet just put the nail in his coffin for the general.

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