Leon County School Board Hires Four Attorneys for DCF Reporting Issue

Leon County School Board Hires Four Attorneys for DCF Reporting Issue

Officials with the Leon County School Board have confirmed that the Board has hired four attorneys to represent school employees in an investigation into whether school employees violated the state’s mandatory sexual assault reporting laws.

The Leon County School Board would not confirm the identification of the employees the attorneys would be representing.

The investigation stems from incidents of sexual battery that happened off-campus and involved students at Leon and Chiles High Schools. Chiles Principal Joe Burgess reported the incident to the Department of Children and Families.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating whether officials at Leon High School failed to report the incidents to DCF  as required by law.

After an information request, the Leon County School Board provided copies of PTSA’s (Professional /Technical Services Agreements) for four lawyers. The four agreements were signed on July 1, 2108 and provide an hourly rate that ranges from $200 to $400 for legal services. The agreement includes a cap of $3,000.

The lawyers hired include Fred Conrad, Tom Findley, Luke Newman, and Richard Smith.

9 Responses to "Leon County School Board Hires Four Attorneys for DCF Reporting Issue"

  1. Billy and Sarah now is your chance to tell all about Rocky. Tell the truth, a new concept in the Rocky regime/control,/command/administration which is void of honesty.

    Hello school board members…anyone awake?

  2. interesting combination. three attorneys who specialize in (or primarily practice) criminal law and one who specializes in labor/education.

  3. Ok kids new lesson in every Leon County classroom…mess with Rocky and you get a “notebook”..but if you smile at Rocky and remember the emperor has no clothes but remain silent, you get protection.

  4. By state statute aren’t school employees required to cooperate in the DCF investigation? Why haven’t these employees been suspended pending a review?

    This is very disturbing that this information was not set forth by the district spokesperson
    Chris Petley but then again Mr. Petley is very busy rewriting the finding of Hank Coxe to reinvent information to cover-up the truth so Rocky Hanna can continue to redirect from the facts that have come light about the “notebook”.

    1. Billy Epting is named as one person who is represented by outside counsel as reported by the local paper hours after TR posted the story. Billy is a close friend of Rocky unlike Karwyn Paul who did what Rocky did as a principal but was forced to resign. Unequal justice is the new normal in Leon Schools.

      1. I agree Mandy, had these with-holders of mandatory information sharing with DCF not been buddy-buddys, palsey walseys, besties, BFF #utt kissin favey faves of the all powerful Mr. Hanna – they would have been reassigned to wherever they reassign the other perverts and no attorneys would have been hired.
        And furthermore do any of you “believers of what you read” out there seriously think Rocky will not up that “$3000.00” agreement cap?

  5. I may not understand all of this but aren’t we already paying the city attorney? What exactly is his job? I’m sure he has staff attorneys.
    Just wondering.

    1. I think this would be County, not City, and both (City and County) have attorneys. Right off I believe they would only handle the County’s interests, not necessarily the County’s employee’s (or individual’s) interests, if that makes sense. In other words, because the City or the County attorneys represents, first and foremost the City and County, respectively, the employee’s rights and interests would be secondary. This makes it sound too as if there may be some type
      of criminal charges in which case you would definitely want your own attorney. Someone that has experience in that area of law. Hope this helps.

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