BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Gillum’s Brother Paid by Undercover FBI Agents Posing as Developers

BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Gillum’s Brother Paid by Undercover FBI Agents Posing as Developers

People close to the federal investigation have indicated that Mayor Andrew Gillum’s brother, Marcus Gillum, was paid by undercover federal agents who were posing as developers.  The payments were made to Marcus Gillum in their role as developers seeking business with the city of Tallahassee. The payments were said to be in the thousands of dollars per month. The length of the engagement was not known.

When contacted by Tallahassee Reports, Marcus Gillum refused to comment on the FBI investigation.

Mayor Andrew Gillum has refused to communicate with TR since 2015. Mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for governor of Florida on August 28th.

Marcus Gillum’s name has surfaced in relation to the federal investigation several times. Most notably he was mentioned in public reports as part of a group that vacationed in New York in August 2016. The group included FBI agents posing as developers, Adam Corey, and Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Adam Corey, the former campaign treasurer to Mayor Andrew Gillum, is a central figure in the federal investigation and, at the time of the New York Trip, was a city lobbyists and a city vendor.

The FBI investigation was revealed in June 2017 after a federal grand jury served subpoenas to the city of Tallahassee. The subpoenas demanded records involving eight local business people and a number of their companies. Corey and the city-subsidized Edison restaurant, which he co-owns with other investors, were named in the subpoenas.

The trip to New York was first reported by WCTV in August 2017 . Following WCTV’s initial report, Tallahassee Reports broke new information about the outing.

At the time of the trip Marcus Gillum told TR that he was in New York working for the People of the American Way. When asked about the FBI investigation, Gillum said “he would never comment” and ended the call.

Mayor Andrew Gillum has refused to answer questions posed by a Tallahassee Democrat reporter about who paid for activities on the trip. He later said he “either paid his own way or had his brother Marcus, who was also on the trip, pay some of their expenses.”

The Tallahassee Democrat wrote in 2017 that the “FBI may have tried to entice Mayor Andrew Gillum through one of his close friends to see a Broadway show, catch a Mets game and stay at a hotel in New York City as part of its investigation into alleged public corruption in Tallahassee.”

Payments to Marcus Gillum -who was on the New York trip – would have also been an enticement for Gillum to meet with FBI agents posing as developers.

The trip was the subject of a complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics and is still under investigation.

Following the trip to New York, people attending FSU football games during the 2016 season indicated that Marcus Gillum received tickets for a stadium skybox provided by Adam Corey. At times, these people said Marcus Gillum was in the skybox with the undercover FBI agents who were posing as developers.

Adam Corey’s FSU football skybox was revealed as a central part of the federal investigation when TR reported that the undercover FBI agents purchased four tickets from Corey. It was later confirmed the tickets were provided to City of Tallahassee employees through Corey. The scandal led to the resignation of Tallahassee City Manager Rick Fernandez.

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  1. No one gets caught speeding first time. It’s the Tallahassee paper responsibility morally ,ethically to make their opinion clear. My brother is a pediatrician and he has never bought me a free 1000 dollar ticket to go,to,a 2 or 3 hour show. How much,does his felon brother earn a year ?

    Girls and politicians know when they are being schmooze. When your only talent is being a politician maybe you finally get caught just like speeding. Where is the question of every pilituvisn who served with mayor gullium and every one who ever got a approval

  2. If you can’t pay enough attention to learn simple grammar, how are you going to fool anyone enough that your opinion is based upon paying attention. Is it even based upon a series of facts. I suggest that it is a series of made up myths perpetuated by ignorance.

  3. Does not matter what the dems try and say, they both been linked together in same ” trips” same deals etc. , tuff sh t , pay back the money and sit your dumbass in jail, this age of time is hard to do your democratic ripoffs. Screw you and the rest of the hillary’s, biden’s etc.

  4. Not suprised at all. Gillum is a Florida A&M grad. I remember another grad, who used to be the mayor of Detroit. He’s currently doing hard time for corruption. They must have learned feom the ever changing administration at the school who always seem to have one person or another getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It’s shameful because the students deserve better…

  5. I wonder how the city commissioners et al feel now seeing all this privelege AND all while his brother was being paid by the FBI agent to boot.

  6. Looks like Soros and Steyer really monkeyed up the Democrats chance of winning in Florida. Maybe they should have backed Gwen….nah, she would never beat DeSantis.
    I can’t wait to watch Gillum go down hard.
    Ever since he touched my wiener…
    It was at a tailgate bbq in Tallahassee.
    He could have used tongs, or even a fork. But he reached in and touched my weiner with his hands.

  7. Is the headline true? Please verify and note sources if possible.
    Andrew Gillum’s Brother Paid by Undercover FBI Agents Posing as Developers

  8. He is untouchable, he will not be indicted. His brother is the buffer for the NYC trip. Corey not so much. He better be able to serve Gillum up with incontrovertible evidence. The FBI will not touch Andy.

  9. It’s amazing to look at the hate people have in their souls . Talking about food stamps, convicted felons and such. It’s certainly fake news that is what happened during political times. People speaking of food stamps and convicted felons it’s more Caucasian people on food stamps and are convicted felons than any other race.Your doing what the media wants you to do , your displaying hate and racism and keeping the world divided. What if you wore born black ,Asian or Hispanic would you hate the skin your in. You have a president who has done worst things before and during his campaign but it’s congratulations to him. People are human and they make mistakes .Have you noticed the natural disasters and all of this going on in this world ? Instead of spewing hate, try to breathe love it will make you sleep better at night.

  10. I am not familiar with the state of affairs in Tallahassee. I would assume that there must have been a lot of other corruption going on for the FBI to conduct this undercover operation. Is that true?

  11. Good answer. What does being black have to do with a criminal , if he is one? It is what it is. Obama being black didn’t teach them anything. He did nothing for the blacks, NOTHING ,NADA!!! That is when you know they are racist . The vote for color and that is why they are still sitting i=on the same bench. If they were smart, they would vote for who will do for the entire country, even them. I guess they are content with their lives as is. That’s too bad because there is so much going on and have a chance to better themselves. Racism is an Illness and maybe one day , they might stop blaming others for their lives that hey lead.

    1. That should tell you that he is NOT racist!! Shouldn’t they know? They were around him ALLL the time. They would know if he was. He helped many poor black and impoverished children on the hood. He did many great things for the inner Cities and is today as I type. You just wont hear about it on those news Stations that keep Americans divided with hatred. He gave a huge chunk to the black College fund a month in his Presidency. Way more than Obama. What did Obama do for Blacks ?..Just curious. Black and Hispanic Un-Employment is a record in history low for blacks and Hispanic, He is even working to make trade schools for the young people who are not good in school and do not want to go to college. Do your research on all fronts not just a bias place . Educate yourself with the truth.

  12. Gillum has yet to explain exactly what he did to “earn” $72,000 last year at P & P Communications consulting for Sharon Lettman-Hicks.

    This while serving as Mayor and running a statewide campaign.

  13. We KNOW his campaign was paid for by George Soro’s. Straight from the horses mouth. The man is part of the movement that will destroy this country. He is NOT a Democrat and the color of his skin is irrelevant. Say NO to Socialism

  14. Great comments everyone.
    What I find strange is media and other far leftists all expect every registered Democrat to automatically vote Gillum in the general election. No they will not. Gillum is way too far on the nonsensical dangerous side of what it means to be a Democrat in the USA. Wealthy Democrats will throw away their ti.e and money supporting Gillum.

    1. I concur. That is why the #WalkAway movement has grown so much over the last few weeks. People are catching on. Check it out if you have a Twitter account. Lots of people on YouTube as well saying they have walked away from the Democrat Party because they do not care about the people.

  15. this is really disgusting. And then to try to make it seem as if he’s hiding something to make the comment he is refused to communicate with TR. You did not know them there that he has consistently cooperated with him provided statements to the FBI. It is law enforcement that matters not the media this is shameful.

    1. What is shameful is the socialist Gillum lie, cheat and steal like all socialists.

      Nothing to worry about though. Gillum could only muster 34 percent of the Democrat vote.

  16. Until the hypocrisy stops on both sides and the media stops intentionally publishing false narratives inciting racial divisions the State and Country will continue to be divided. Common sense and cooler heads will have to show up sometime.

  17. To One Breezy – this isn’t “soon as a black man win something” this has been going on for several years. The FBI has to justify extending an investigation every six months so there is obviously something worth pursuing with the corruption downtown.

    And to NoCenterAmerica, I agree that the two polarizing parties are killing this country but there is a huge distinction between “succeeding” and “seceding.”

  18. Since when one is guilty for his brothers doing? It seems to me the FIB should be concentrading on the President but maybe they just afraid of him since he just terminates anyone who does not agree with him! Stop been afraid of the President lock of the white house up,the republicans also since they all knew about trump way before he was president.! Get the real job done before you go after the gold little fish! That would be easy and a huge accomplishment! The Country is really weak now must be Contagious! Leave the gold fish alone go get the shark before he will eat you all up Like little guppies!

    1. There are over 35,000 employees at the FBI, they can handle more than one investigation at a time. It is also difficult to discern this comment as cogent when expressed in the manner you chose

  19. Forget the FBI. Someone find out what our Mayor does as a Youth Director to earn 139,000 a year. This will open a door the Mayor doesn’t want opened.

    1. I am not familiar with this one. I am sure Gillum doesn’t want any door to open, which is why he and the Democrats, with full support of mainstream media, have to attack DeSantis.

      1. People for the American Way. Far left think tank that get socialists elected to public office as best they can and then pay them a salary while they are there. gillum is one of their ‘prizes’.

  20. seriously, Ahhaica, he is suggesting a pooling of resources for a medicare fund to diffuse the costs across multiple states, not succeeding from the Union. what is wrong with this country…between the lefties and the righties, nobody has the sense to ever listen to anyone’s contrary opinion, or ever take the time to look at all the facts before reacting negatively. Take a Xanax or something…

    1. Hi NoCenterAmerica! I was just mocking the liberals anger/hostility of taking things out of context and running the story over any and all media outlets. They know what DeSantis meant with his “monkey this up” comment, but still are making it a race issue while avoiding the topics central to you and me. What do you think the media would have done had DeSantis suggested a confederation of states?

  21. Gillum is running away from who he really is by saying he is a Democrat and not a socialist. Liberals never tell the truth about what they believe and who they really are because they know they could never win an election that way.

  22. Tr you need to sit yall ass down soon as a black man win something y’all want to throw dirt on them and this after having a governor who stated he didn’t need a salary to be the governor all while trying to institute as many laws and loop holes for him and his rich business friends as well as his wife and her business not to mention this racist @!#$ that we have as our president twisting every five minutes lying every other their day if not every day @!#$# please have several seats

    1. Hey TROLL, I hear there is a bridge that needs attending. YOU can scream RACIST under there to your hearts content.

      #NoSocialists #GardylooGillum

      1. Reliable source told me about 3 months ago that Jack Campbell had the indictments on his desk to be filed and the FBI told him bigger things were coming and to hold off.

  23. I would love to be an FBI administrater in a meeting today discussing if we should or should not issue those Federal indictments today as planned.
    “Of course none of us could have predicated a Gillum primary win. But should that be a reason to delay?”

    1. Yeah…and i bet half ur family is in jail….The others on food stamps… Does that make u feel better SPORT….

    2. Me too…But in DC where it really maters…Yup, im sure they have indictment ready for trumps sons, and inlaws……

  24. Marcus Allen Gillum was charged with felony battery of a law enforcement officer in Orange County in 2005. He was subsequently convicted of resisting arrest wo violence.

    Gillum’s 4 other brothers, one deceased, are all convicted felons.

    Thanksgiving must be a real hoot.

    1. Yeah…and i bet half ur family is in jail….The others on food stamps… Does that make u feel better SPORT….

    2. Sadly, in some communities it’s no big deal to be in jail. In fact, some must consider it a “badge of honor”. But then someone gets angry when you bring up the subject of criminal family members (nicely proved by Todd below). In my circle of friends & relatives, not ONE has ever been in jail. I like to think that is not real unusual, but living in this city, IDK.

  25. Gillum did the same thing a friend of mine did, who worked for the city…bought personal property for his own use with tax $$$. Both paid it back. Friend was forced to resign…not so with gillum. City Report #0820.

  26. Andrew having ‘his brother pay for expenses’ on this New York trip with the FBI undercover agents with his brother accepting FBI funds concurrently is pure and simple ILLEGAL.

    Hey – isn’t Andy sharing all his Costa Rica expenses with us too? When is that gonna happen, Andy? Or do we ask your Chief of Staff Dustin to help produce those?

  27. Thank you TR for all that you do. No “fake news” at TR. Hope that Fox News will use TR as a source for our governors race. Great Job!

        1. Was it just a coincidence that Marcus Gillum’s last name matches the guy that the paper said was his brother, Andrew? Gillum seems a fairly unique last name. It’s not like Smith or Johnson.

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