Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Promises to Make Community College “FREE!”

Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Promises to Make Community College “FREE!”

In the closing weeks of the August 28th primary, Mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels sent out a mailer to prospective voters that advocated for free community college tuition for Tallahassee residents.

One side of the mailer, shown below, states “Make community college truly about community…MAKE IT FREE!

A second side highlights free community college for Tallahassee residents, accountability, job creation and no new taxes.

Daniels’ campaign literature states that “I am running a progressive campaign for Mayor in the Capital City of our nation’s third largest state. I am running because I believe we need progressive leaders who believe in freedom, fairness, and opportunity for all people, and that will fight relentlessly for working class families.”

Progressives often advocate policies that redistribute wealth as a solution to the unfairness they see in economic outcomes. For example, Bernie Sanders, who Daniels campaigned with in August (see picture above), supports a government determined living wage and free college tuition.

Daniels’ campaign website states his desire to “create scholarship programs for free community college, technical, and vocational training aligned to existing and emerging high-wage jobs.” This language appears to be more limiting than the broad support for free community college tuition expressed on the mailer.

Daniels finished second in the mayoral primary and will face Leon County Commissioner John Dailey in a November runoff.

12 Responses to "Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Promises to Make Community College “FREE!”"

  1. This dumb ass is corrupt as heck. He also has no power as a ceremonial mayor to make that deal for free community college. He can’t do much of anything except be Andrews BFF.

  2. Obama calls me a Clinger.
    Hillary calls me a Deplorable.
    Muslims call me an Infidel.
    Nike calls me a racist.
    Google calls me a fascists.
    Trump calls me an American.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong…. was it Dustin who lied on a city timesheet when he took a “non-work” trip with Gillum and got paid for it by the city, then when caught had to re-submit a corrected time sheet using personal or vacation time?

  4. So – Dustin says he will make Community College “Free”. Well, in this universe, there is no such thing as “free” – there is only transferring the expense for the “free” item to some other payment category. In this case, I’m certain Dustin intends for the “payment category” to be Tallahassee Taxpayers. So that blows a large hole through Dustin’s “no new taxes” campaign literature fluff. Where else will the money come from? So this is Bernie-style Socialist Redistribution of Income. People who vote for Socialism all think they’ll be on the “receiving” side of Redistribution, when in actuality EVERYONE sooner or later ends up on the “giving” side, and the whole thing collapses. Great to know what awaits Tallahassee should Dustin become mayor.

  5. Free TICKETS to Costa Rica for me and all of Tallahassee soon to be friends (or is that FLORIDA) for me, please; Cory. FBI. I mean Andrew, I mean DUSTIN? Oh (spoken quietly) – No receipts, please. AND NO PICTURES! Could you bring a private showing of Hamilton to me, please and my Brother will be paying with FBI marked/videoed taped money exchange?

    Snidely – what do you wish for?

    1. After weighing all my options I came up with a short list:
      Snidely wishes for free red hot women and Ice cold beer every day, a free box of 50 count Fuentes Toro size cigars each month, a free 1.75 liter bottle of George Dickell Whiskey twice a month, a free Chevy Camaro convertible with V8 motor in random colors every 6 months, a free butler and free housekeeper, free groceries, free Internet, free cable TV, free cell phone, and a free gas card for my Camaro. Oh and may I have a free female midget from The Scott Maddox’ Bunny Ranch out in Vegas? Or will that just be asking for too much free stuff?
      I promise to vote for Dusty if I can get all the above free stuff.
      However if voting for Gillum is a part of the deal you can just forget it.

      I do have principals you know!!!

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