Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll Shows Andrew Gillum With Slight Lead in Florida’s Race for Governor

Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll Shows Andrew Gillum With Slight Lead in Florida’s Race for Governor

In the first statewide Florida Chamber of Commerce poll since the primary election, the race to become Florida’s next Governor is starting off as a close one. The poll shows Andrew Gillum (D-Tallahassee) leads Ron DeSantis (R-Palm Coast) by four percent. The which interviewed 514 likely voters, was conducted September 6-9 —immediately after Lieutenant Governors were chosen— and has a margin of error of +/-4.4 percent.

Looking more closely, Gillum is leading DeSantis 47 percent to 43 percent, with two percent favoring someone else and eight percent still undecided. Additionally, Gillum leads in all major media markets except Jacksonville.

“Politically speaking, this is an interesting poll because most voters have learned a little about Ron DeSantis, yet most voters don’t know Andrew Gillum because he is a surprise winner and the most liberal of the Democrats on the ballot that ran in the primary election,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “It’s going to be interesting to see if Gillum, who is backing policies opposed by Bill Nelson, yet supported by Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer and George Soros will hold onto this lead while voters begin to understand his background and policies, or if Ron DeSantis and his policies will continue gaining popularity and propel him to succeed Governor Scott as Florida’s next Governor. The election is more than 50 days away and that’s a lifetime in Florida politics.”

ABOUT THIS POLL: The Florida Chamber of Commerce political poll was conducted on September 6 – 9, 2018 by Cherry Communications during live telephone interviews of likely voters, and has a margin of error of +/-4.4 percent. The sample size included 210 Democrats, 205 Republicans and 99 Others for a total of 514 respondents statewide. Voters were called both on cell phones and landlines with 67 percent reached via cell phone and 33 percent via landline. The samples for the polls conducted by the Florida Chamber are consistently drawn from likely voters and newly registered voters, meaning those voters who have the propensity and past performance of voting in elections, rather than simply including registered voters. Voters are again screened for likelihood of voting.

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  1. I have lived in Tallahasse for 56 years and have never missed an opportunity to vote on either local or national issues. AND, have never been POLLED as to my voting preferances. They say reaching out to newly registered voters—-they are the young easily swayed potential destructors of capitalisum thru pushing socialists candidates, and I am supposed to care how these snowflakes are going to vote !! Spend more time researching just WHO these pollsters are and less as to some claim to be reporting factual data—-AMEN.

  2. Well…i hope u people will support our new governor Mr Gilum… Just like u all say trump is our President…Gilum will be YOUR GOVERNOR too….

  3. The Tallahassee Democrat will take the Seminoles win lose record more seriously than GIllum’s lying about the crime in Tallahassee. The Tallahassee Democrat has failed in humanity. Gillum is a failed mayor and the Tallahassee Democrat is a failed news source if they don’t expose Gillum for lying to America on Election night about there is no crime problem in Tallahassee. Maybe a few class action lawsuits from victims are in order… Please stand by Morgan & Morgan and Fonville Lewis Foote & Messer!

  4. Hope, please do yourself a big favor and stop reading that dreck from T-Flub’s keyboard. It’s just Gillum’s propaganda disguised as journalism.

    I wonder what her percent of the $10K pay-for-play was?
    Knowing Gannett, probably nothing.

    1. Good snapping us back to the reality of the irrelevant propaganda spewed up by tdo.com Ms. News Maven!!!
      Our beloved Democrat (tdo.com) is scamming the scammers. What I mean is that tdo.com is only providing the Elect Gillum machine with the “illusion” of being in anyway relevant to this election.
      Leon County will deliver a majority Gillum sweep with or without tdo.com’s propaganda. Election results in Leon County will be exactly the same either way.
      Mathematically tdo.com’s contribution to a Leon County Gillum sweep will be exactly an irrelevant ZERO X ZERO which = ZERO. That’s the most truthful thing you will ever hear about tdo.com’s part in this election.

  5. When and who are going to step up and inform, alert, and notify the parents of every student who attends a higher education learning Institution in Tallahassee that Tallahassee has the number one crime rate in Florida? Should it be the president of FSU, should it be the police chief of Tallahassee and the sheriff of Leon County? Should it be the publisher and the editor of the Tallahassee Democrat? Andrew Gillum sat there on national TV on Election night and lied to America that there was no crime rate in Tallahassee! Simultaneously a pregnant woman was shot, there were three or four apartment shootings where one student died, and on top of already having the number one crime rate in Florida. What did Andrew Gillum do? He turns around and the next week has his chief of police state crime is down. On top of not acknowledging the high crime rate in Florida that Andrew Gillum mayor of Tallahassee under his watch has the number one crime rate in Florida it happens in the city limits Mr Gillum and you try to say Tallahassee doesn’t have a crime problem that Leon County does. We are calling you out Mr. Gillum. Should we start suing the university the city for the Tallahassee, the Tallahassee Democrat to get someone to finally state that Gillum is a liar a cheater a philanderer and he does nothing to protect these children in our universities. What he does do is go to Exotic cities to have hookups with his friend former treasurer lobbyist and recipient of our tax dollars for a restaurant investment. We give a hundred k to a City commissioners wife but don’t spend any money on equipment and salaries for law enforcement. I am tired of living in this sewer and Rat Hole of Lies and Skip Foster, Bill Hatfield, Tamaryn Waters, the city Commission, Steve Bosquet ignoring this problem!
    Would someone please inform the parents of our students and Andrew Gillum that under his watch he has the highest crime rate in Florida and he does nada zip and zilch. Shame Shame Shame!

    1. Wow…u are a full blown batshit crazy LUNATIC Hope… I am sure glad they dont let u out of the house…or drive a car for that matter… Hope….why do u have so much hate in ur heart…you sould fo to a church or something, u have a problem….

      1. TG,

        Coming from you that’s a compliment. I believe you’re attempting to transfer your situation such as not being able to get out, not having a car, and not having a church -to me – because you are frustrated and you don’t know how to channel your frustrations intelligently or productively. If what you are reading troubles you perhaps you should try to change things and have your friend Mr Gillum acknowledge that there is a crime problem and to do something about it rather than ignoring it and manipulating numbers… instead of attacking the messenger.

  6. DeSantis will have to prevail on his own. It’s a fool’s dream to think the FBI will come riding in like the Calvary to save DeSantis by dropping any local Tallahassee “usual suspect” indictments prior to election eve.
    “Ain’t gonna happen”. said Snidely.
    DeSantis don’t make me tell you “I told you so”.
    Get up off “it” and “get to work”!!!
    Florida expects a minimum of 8 hours work from DeSantis each day from tomorrow until election eve.
    Doubtful with the Hurricane that President Trump’s gonna be able to work in another rally for DeSantis.
    In my best Foghorn Leghorn voice: “I say I say Where ya been son”?
    “What ya been doing?”
    “I say I say Nobody has heard a peep outta that boy in days if not weeks.”

  7. It wasn’t too many weeks ago that Sean Pittman was caught giving totally false information to the County Commission as the head of the minority Chamber of Commerce in Tallahassee. Mr. Pittman’s attempt to distort the truth should have been the leading head line news on the front page above the fold on the Tallahassee Democrat.

  8. Most of what has been reported so far regarding DeSantis has had a decided negative spin. In some cases (like our local paper) the reporting has otherwise been non-existent.In light of this, I’d say Mr. Desantis is doing pretty well.

  9. Who are the people that are actually calling people and asking the questions for this poll? How do we know that they are recording the correct information? Or perhaps could they put a check mark down for Gillum even though the person being polled said he/she would vote for DeSantis? Usually the people doing the calling are young folks, perhaps college kids who want to throw a few extra points to their liberal candidate…..remember the 2016 pollsters who said Hillary would win in a landslide!

  10. Did Sean Pittman order this and pay for this poll?

    When the rest of Florida learns that Andrew Gillum is unable to manage hurricane situations, the economy, Environmental concerns, he is inundated up to his neck in Corruption, has a circle of friends that he participates in corruption with, and has the highest crime rate in Florida and only deals with it by putting out false crime stats and saying there is no crime Floridians will wake up. Gillum
    mismanages, he gives his Bromance friend a million dollars for a restaurant instead of giving raises to law enforcement or paying for public safety equipment needed to fight the high crime rate. He is off with his Bromance friend on trips to Costa Rica and New York and he cannot show proof that these trips were paid for by himself. Florida has no state income tax but he wants to introduce one. Speaking of his lobbyist friend, Sean Pitman, he voted to extend a contract for lobbying to his friend only yesterday at the city Commission meeting. Gillum does not care about the health and Public Safety of the people who he is supposed to serve. He only cares about trips to exotic places with his lobbying friends and giving contracts to his lobbyist friends and public relations friends. Tallahassee has environmental breaches under Gllum’s watch in addition to the highest crime rate in Florida. Being that his friend Sean Pittman is closely tied to the Chamber and public relations I would be interested in seeing other polls.

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