Report: Andrew Gillum Signed Anti-Police Pledge

Report: Andrew Gillum Signed Anti-Police Pledge

During the CNN Florida gubernatorial debate between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, the issue of Gillum signing on to an anti-police Dream Defender pledge was addressed.

Gillum’s response when DeSantis mentioned the pledge was, “I have no idea what pledge he is talking about.”

However, is reporting that Gillum did sign the Dream Defender pledge.

From the report: “Gillum on June 11, the day of a Freedom Forum hosted by the Dream Defenders, signed the Freedom Pledge, as did the other major Democratic candidates running for governor at the time: King, Gwen Graham and Philip Levine.

The Freedom Pledge, in part, states “I will fight for a Florida that divests from prisons, detention centers, guns and police…”

The Dream Defender pledge also states that “I pledge my support to the Freedom Papers.” The Freedom Papers is a twenty page document which addresses a number of issues including law enforcement. An image of the law enforcement section is below.

However, now the Dream Defenders are trying to provide cover for Gillum as it relates to the more extreme views associated with the group.

From the report:

Dream Defenders spokeswoman Nailah Summers said the candidate pledge basically demands two things. One is that a candidate won’t accept money from the National Rifle Association, and will return any donations to date. The other is that a candidate will take no donations from private prison corporations.

“We’ve always been very clear, we are not in lock step with Andrew Gillum, and he’s not in lockstep with us,” Summers said.

Dream Defenders leaders say the whole reason they seek out signatures is to hold candidates they support accountable to the people instead of special interests. But Summers doesn’t especially mind if Gillum distances himself from the group right now.

“It’s about holding Andrew Gillum accountable once he is in office,” Summers said.

9 Responses to "Report: Andrew Gillum Signed Anti-Police Pledge"

  1. Private prison stocks went way up the day after the 2016 election.
    Under the Obama administration, they were being phased out.
    Tax payers are paying for empty beds . In order to “justify” the cost, the private prison system tries to make sure the beds are full, so not to waste money.
    Apparently, wrongfully keeping people in prison for profit reasons is not a waste?
    Gillum is not anti police, he is anti corruption.
    The fact that part of his pledge to refuse any money from the NRA is a honorable thing…shows he can’t be bought by the corrupt capitalist.
    Quit the crap with these slanted stories, and just tell the damn truth.

  2. He must believe what is shown above when he signed that document.
    Without a police presence every town in this country would look like Chicago.

  3. Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Gillum knowingly accepted a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton from Mike Miller, one of the undercover FBI agents. Yikes!

  4. Anyone who believes in the ideas espoused in the “Freedom Papers” doesn’t believe in freedom and is a radical by most standards. Read the “Freedom Papers”, it’s scary some people can be so ignorant and/or extreme.

    1. No point in trying, Scott. gillum is a hard-left, anti-American radical cut from the same cloth as alexandria octavio-cortez, kamala harris, corey “spartacus” booker and mad maxine waters. He’s proven incapable and incompetent in trying to be “mayor” of a small city, and he’d be an even worse failure trying to pose as a “governor”. He is eyebrow-deep in corruption and hopefully soon will be occupying a different sort of mansion than the governor’s.

    1. “Being against private prisons and making profits from mass incarceration is not being anti-police” While that statement is true, if you actually took the time to read the Freedom Papers, then you would agree that the headline is totally accurate.

  5. Great reporting, TR! Keep the news exposure of gillum’s radical Dem-Socialist activities coming! Like obama, he has to hide and lie about who and what he really is – neither of them could ever get elected based on who they actually are and what they plan to so.
    A vote for gillum is a vote for an anti-American agenda, a vote for antifa, for BLM, for the Dream Defenders, for Louis Farrakhan and his anti-semitic followers, for open borders and the abolishment of ICE, for MS-13 and radical Islam having a home in Florida. None of that is an exaggeration.

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