Get Facts About the Florida Recount Process

Get Facts About the Florida Recount Process

At least five races in Florida are headed to a recount. Theses include the U.S. Senate race, a state cabinet race, a state Senate race and two state House races.

Also, the latest information indicates that the governor’s race could also end up in with a recount. As of 8:30 am on Thursday, DeSantis had a .52% lead, just .02% above the recount threshold. Also reports indicate there are votes still coming in from Broward county.

Here are the details on the recount process:

The final vote counts submitted to the state by each county will be official at noon on Saturday, November 10th. At that time, any race that is separated by .5 percent, or less, will automatically undergo a machine recount. This means the ballots are run through voting machines a second time.

The results of the machine recount is due by 3 p.m. on Nov. 15.

Any race that is separated by .25 percent, or less, will automatically undergo a manual recount. This recount must be finished by Nov. 18.

The manual recount is a hand recount of only the overvotes and undervotes set-aside from the machine recount.

Exceptions to ordering a manual recount are if the candidate defeated for the office by ¼ of one percent or less request in writing that it not be conducted or if the number of overvotes and undervotes is less than the number of votes need ed to change the election outcome.

A county canvassing board will handle each county’s recount. These boards are made up of the local supervisor of elections, a county court judge and the chair of the board of county commissioners — will appoint at least two counters who are not candidates in the race at hand and who represent at least two state parties.

The boards will send their final vote totals for the manually recounted races to the state by Nov. 18 at noon.

The state Elections Canvassing Commission which includes the governor and two members of the Florida cabinet selected by the governor, will certify the results in a 9 a.m. meeting at the state Capitol on Nov. 20.

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  1. Go Governor Scott! Glad he’s fighting back with his lawsuit filed yesterday.
    Both counties have clearly broken several FL election laws (as they have many times before):
    (1) Refusing to give legally required information about how many votes remain to be counted
    (2) violating Florida law requiring that counties report early voting & vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close
    (3) The Palm Beach County election supervisor illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent in reviewing damaged or incorrectly filled-out absentee ballots, while refusing to allow Republican witnesses to monitor the process.
    Scott put the FDLE on this and let’s hope they lock up every single ballot and every one is examined through a microscope.

    Scott should take this to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary, and every vote that wasn’t reported by the legally-required time of 30 minutes after the polls close should be disqualified. Too bad, Broward and Palm Beach counties, if you don’t like that, then fire your election supervisors for incompetence. I’d prefer both of them be trading cigarettes with gillum in very cold prison yard somewhere for several years.

  2. If election fraud is involved anyone associated with it should be prosecuted.

    It looks like several bags of ballots from the cemetery miraculously appeared.

    I’m not buying it

  3. Talk Radio says this afternoon Marco Rubio is already calling out “stealing election” in Broward County on Twitter. Better get busy, Marco (it takes more than Twitter to actually get things accomplished, it takes action and effort) – we need perhaps 50 or so FBI investigators specializing in voter-fraud techniques down there putting every single ballot through a microscope. The Dem-Socalistas are always saying “every vote must be counted”. We Conservatives are saying in Broward County, Palm Beach County and wherever it’s needed in South Florida “every vote must be proven legal”. Any voter fraud found by county officials must be punished to the full prison term allowed by law.

    1. No Mike Comey’s Weasels will work hard for a Democratic win in Florida.
      Pam Bondi is Florida’s only hope in this situation.
      Elliott Ness’ FBI is long gone and todays FBI is a branch of the Democratic Party.

  4. Isn’t it suspicious that one side jumped in the number of votes and the other side didn’t move at all??
    Shouldn’t they move somewhat equally, especially if there is talk about a recount.

  5. What does it actually mean that, “votes are still coming in.”??? Where exactly are the votes coming from, and are the supervisors of elections being held accountable for not being able to get the votes in on time? My concern is that votes are still being “produced” well after Election Day. Especially in Palm Beach and Broward Counties! Is anyone monitoring this type of activity?

  6. I’m hoping the FBI gets andy fitted for an orange suit before he can do much of anything. Along with any other Tally-Leon County officials found guilty of criminal corruption

  7. Wed Nov 8-18 morning:
    While I’m thrilled that gillum lost and DeSantis won, it looks like andy guilty just won’t go away. The NY Times (always a money-losing icon of liberal Fake News) is saying andy’s “camp” (minus arrested members) may be looking at a recount. Lo and Behold, in highly ethical, clean-as-a-whistle Broward County, suddenly this morning many Broward votes “are still coming in”.
    Never mind that the Broward-Dade-Palm Beach area always has “ballot problems” and the “problems” always seem to pop up at convenient times.
    Just two examples (of many): (3,000 ballots “missing”) (Broward’s elections chief broke law in destroying ballots)

    Either that area is totally incompetent or totally corrupt. The stories don’t suggest incompetence.
    This same tired D-S tactic will likely play out in GA also, since Shady Stacey won’t concede she lost too. Maybe they’ll just find the GA Dem Party is behind the attempted hacks of the GA voter system, and that will keep the D-S’s busy fending off criminal penalties.

    Since the Dem-Socialists are demanding monitors in every Florida county for the Senate race recount (another DS lawsuit-ripe loss), I suggest along with them, we have perhaps five hand-picked, flown-in Federal voter monitors poring over everything and triple-checking every voter registration and name in Broward County and elsewhere in FL, if they judge that’s warranted.

    1. Isn’t it “interesting” (read suspicious), that these recounts are always requested by DEMOCRATS who lost? And votes are always “found” in bastions of the libs: So. Fla, Atlanta. Of course if you question the validity of the voting process you’re a racist. So annoying.

  8. Problem with the TR website today? I posted a comment on two stories and nothing registered.
    Perhaps the Dem-socialists hacking as revenge?

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