Leon County Property Gets National Spotlight: Sellers Asking $29.6 Million

Leon County Property Gets National Spotlight: Sellers Asking $29.6 Million

A recent Wall Street Journal article written by Katherine Clarke entitled, “Family’s Quail-Hunting Plantation for Sale,” shed light on a jewel in Leon County and a very large one at that.

The plantation, located on the Florida-Georgia border, is available to purchase for $29.6 million, which makes it the most expensive ranch property for sale in the region. The property has long served as a winter retreat for wealthy Northerners who want to hunt quail. The plantation, named Loveridge Plantation, is in the heart of the Red Hills Plantation Belt.

Photo Credit: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

The sale includes 4,500 acres, 1.25 miles of frontage on the 6,000 acre Lake Miccosukee, 14 quail-hunting routes, 10 horses, 49 dogs, and a 5,800-square-foot main house.

Ms. Clarke reports, “The sellers are the grandchildren of George H. Love, a businessman who led Consolidated Coal and Chrysler. He bought the property in 1946 from the wife of late New Jersey Gov. Walter Edge. . . . George Love, one of the five children [selling the home], said they are selling because some members of the family have different interests. They hope to sell the property to someone who will maintain it as a quail-hunting operation and be a good steward of the plantation.”

The listing agent is Elliott Davenport Jr. of Hall and Hall. Hall and Hall states, “Based upon recent years, the annual property taxes for Loveridge are estimated at $44,286. More information can be found at the following link: Hall and Hall.

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  1. There will come the day that such properties become ripe for development (PUD”s) and the price (looking back) will seem like a bargan !

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